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@CoderDojo @ShaneMcC I have attended my local one in the past and mentored young ones.

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@tnash I’m not, but I was thinking about it this morning on the bus! I should give it try.

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@shane_dillon @TelegraphNews @TelegraphTech …for some definitions of ‘private’. I expect Twitter still get see everything. 🙁

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RT @sue_lister: @suefernandesweb @mikelittlezed1 Big thanks Mike, Sue & the WordPress community for my training; monthly meet ups & WordCam…

4:13pm Jan 27 2015 —

@Tarendai should be fixed. Please let me know if it shows ok for you now.

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@Tarendai @Krogsgard Looking at this now. I have an “intermediate” certificate missing.

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@tnash @Krogsgard @humanmadeltd Doh! #notetoself don’t tweet when busy doing other things! Post updated:…

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RT @Ri_Science: £500 grant available from the STEM Directories. Apply now for any STEM activity listed in the Directories…

8:53am Jan 27 2015 —

@Krogsgard Yeah. You guys have grown more than I’d noticed! Well done. 🙂

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@BriteNW @madlabuk actually a two-day course.

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RT @madlabuk: Beginners #WordPress with WP CO-FOUNDER(!) @mikelittlezed1 – this Thursday and Friday at MadLab (£300 inc VAT)…

5:38pm Jan 26 2015 —

@sublimehq Looking into Sublime Text. Is there a terminal version for Linux? Note: not launch from, but run in the terminal, e.g. over SSH.

6:12pm Jan 25 2015 —

@tnash @missstephwalker Some are 15 years old, & there are too many sites that insist + is not a valid character in an email. 2 this week!

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@missstephwalker I create a new alias every time I sign up to something. All go in the same inbox. But I know the source of all spam. 🙂

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WordPress–12 years since the beginning… via @mikelittlezed1

1:38am Jan 25 2015 —

@missstephwalker I currently send everything through @Zoho into @Gmail. Crazy huh? Gmail only allow 20 aliases, I use zoho for 750+

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@missstephwalker I recommend @Zoho and @gmail to clients. Zoho’s free account is a great starter. Especially if you use a non-web client.

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The Snoopers’ Charter: Shameful Opportunism via @PaulbernalUK

10:58am Jan 23 2015 —

@Ipstenu @MacManXcom the non-pop is a little too expensive for me at the moment, so I was excited by the pop. But need android 🙁

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@Ipstenu @MacManXcom definitely lusting after one of those. But no android yet. Will continue with my pulse.

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@p0welly @OldhamLibraries she has an early version of one of these: and software from here

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@mwug: Important: today’s #MWUG meeting will be at Federation House

5:03pm Jan 21 2015 —

RT @MissPhilbin: In-between the Hobbit and Harry Potter… not bad… O_o

1:24pm Jan 21 2015 —

RT @madlabuk: Was this years resolution to learn WordPress? Our beginners course w/ @mikelittlezed1 is just the thing

1:22pm Jan 21 2015 —

@s10wen @upfrontconf sure. Remind me on the night.

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