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@s10wen Hopefully, chairs will already be in place!

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Important: Tomorrow’s #MWUG meeting will be at Federation House

3:28pm Jan 20 2015 —

RT @OpenRightsGroup: Do you really want the Dirty Internet? @SkyHelpTeam will be asking their customers. @deptofdirty

3:17pm Jan 20 2015 —

RT @madlabuk: Doctor Who Earth Conquest features @DDDay2014 and MadLab (08:35 onwards)

3:12pm Jan 20 2015 —

@fiannahornby A YubiKey from @yubico
Awesome tech. Use it as second (and third!) factor security. #onlineparanoia

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RT @AntiBullyingPro: Anti-Bullying Ambassador @PoulterWill‘s advice to you is #DontSufferInSilence! #cyberbully

10:19pm Jan 15 2015 —

RT @Will_Dooley: #Cyberbully is really pushing the boundaries for a sensitive topic that doesnt get anywhere enough publicity. Really impre…

10:19pm Jan 15 2015 —

RT @GavinROfficial: Wow this #cyberbully prog is a brutal and terrifying insight … So well done it’s scary! #MaisieWilliams is excellent

10:19pm Jan 15 2015 —

RT @WPShropshire: A friendly and open group for #WordPress users from beginners to advanced. Help us bring the community to #shropshire #sh…

8:28pm Jan 14 2015 —

RT @mwug: January Meeting: Wednesday 21st, 6.30-9pm, Madlab

6:01pm Jan 10 2015 —

@marinapape hope to, but nothing concrete yet.

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RT @madlabuk: Learn WordPress from it’s co-founder Mike Little, with courses for all levels of experience: http://t.…

12:06pm Jan 7 2015 —

WordPress Training courses 2015: New dates added – led by Stockport based WordPress co-founder. #stockporthour

8:38pm Jan 5 2015 —

WordPress Training courses 2015. New dates added –

3:00pm Jan 5 2015 —