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@nacin almost exactly 6 years old that version! Just 1 of the 1.4+ mil pages still using a variation of that theme

in reply to nacin — 2:41am Apr 29 2011 —

@OneFineJay the history certainly has it back to b2 in 2002.

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RT @wordpress WordPress 3.1.2 Released – Please update immediately – << 70+ sites upgraded :-)

8:50pm Apr 26 2011 —

My @zoneedit account now migrated to new (slower) system & new prices! I make it a 89% price increase. May have to start looking elsewhere.

4:02pm Apr 26 2011 —

@BenBalter it does when someone needs to ftp & they reach for a browser. Or think the internet is down bcoz a web site isn’t responding.

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Just watched the ISS pass over. Cool stuff.

9:53pm Apr 20 2011 —

Video — How copyright extension in sound recordings actually works… via @youtube

10:43am Apr 20 2011 —

In place for Adele this evening. Looking forward to it.

6:43pm Apr 17 2011 —

@nouvellesvagues Hey folks, Google is reporting your web site as harmful!

11:44am Apr 14 2011 —

@markjaquith Just stumbled upon your awesome 404 page! 🙂 (Note: Not for the sensitive)

9:14am Apr 14 2011 —

@janeforshort I used to always have to do that in the days of the old classic theme, or themes based on it.

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RT @wordpress: WordPress 3.1.1 is now available. Please update: >> I updated 64 sites yesterday oops!

4:37pm Apr 5 2011 —

RT @madlabuk: We need more responses. If you’ve been to the MadLab in the last year, please fill in our survey

11:51am Apr 4 2011 —

Great thoughts: RT @alan_winfield New blog post: ‘Telling all on I’m a Scientist’ #ias2011

12:38pm Apr 2 2011 —

@tonys I also have spin off stuff from the girls: camille, melanie, phoebe, etc.

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@tonys where indeed? 😉 iPod-> artists-> nouvelle vague-> All, lists 90 songs! It may have to be NV all afternoon now.

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@tonys their versions of lots of songs are best. I absolutely love the band. See them live if you get the chance.

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@tonys indeed! I’m quite interested in covers and have write a few. Hadn’t seen your earlier posts on same.

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@tonys far superior version: seen this lot three our for times live.

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