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@mikelittlezed1 That last tweet should have mentioned @MWUG

in reply to mikelittlezed1 — 10:51am Nov 27 2009 —

@davemee has proposed @madlabuk as a permanent venue for our meetings. Lets fit one more meet in before xmas. More later today.

10:47am Nov 27 2009 —

WTF? Grip fails encoding Melanie Pain Exits after each track. Happened with La Belle Epoque too

10:45am Nov 27 2009 —

@davebriggs There are pipes already made. Here’s one with feed: More here

in reply to davebriggs — 10:29am Nov 27 2009 —

@davebriggs Looks like you can do tags but not searches. Maybe Yahoo pipes?

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Had a good night at @madlabuk last night. Looks like a new venue for @MWUG

9:45am Nov 27 2009 —

Nominate WordPress for the Best Internet Application Crunchie! Go here: #crunchies #wordpress

11:07am Nov 26 2009 —

Punishment without trial is just plain wrong, sign the petition

11:45am Nov 22 2009 —

This news from Google is huge! Auto captioning of videos! or upload text & get auto timing. #accessibility #deaf

9:51pm Nov 21 2009 —

@jothewriter It must depend where you search: has me still at number 1 (yay!), but .com as me about number 4 (boo!).

in reply to jothewriter — 9:22pm Nov 20 2009 —

@jothewriter Thanks. The invitation may take a day or two to arrive. BTW, I’m only number 1 ‘mike little’ these days.

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I favorited a YouTube video — Carl Sagan – ‘A Glorious Dawn’ ft Stephen Hawking (Cosmos Remixed)

2:39pm Nov 20 2009 —

Send a message to Mandelson protesting the 3-strikes-guilty-without-trial cut-off-your-internet rule #3strikes #ORG

1:01pm Nov 10 2009 —