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RT @humanmadeltd: Do you use position checks? If not, why not?

They can save dev time in a sprint, make a team’s efforts more efficient, a…

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I’m a humanist because I rely on my moral judgement to guide me through interactions with my fellow humans. I have…

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RT @altisdxp: Did you know about this programming language hidden deep inside WordPress? 😯

#WordPress strives to be a globally-accessible…

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RT @humanmadeltd: What comes to mind when you hear “Gutenberg”? 👂

If you live in the world of #WordPress, probably something to do with co…

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RT @altisdxp: Identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover. 🛡

Cyber security teams could recite these five tenets in their sleep, but w…

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@andrea_r All the best people are, or so I’ve heard. 😀

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RT @andrewcopson: His attacker wanted to silence him so let’s spend a bit of time reminded ourselves of some of Salman’s greatest words…

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RT @Humanists_UK: Why collective worship in state schools should end, in a nutshell 👇

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RT @humanmadeltd: Two months on from our company retreat, Marketing Director @ARAspinall reflects on the importance of coming together when…

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RT @humanmadeltd: Anyone who’s contributed to #WordPress knows how important it feels to leave your mark. 🌐

This is what @thewebprincess h…

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@sillygrampy 2k or 20k? 2k days is less than 6 years. 😀

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How *many*. Bloody autocorrect!

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Today I am 22000 days old. One ought to be able to do a lot of good in that many days. We never know how band we ar…

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@miss_jwo @FrancescaMarano Yeah. I have prescription goggles now, though the prescription is old, I should renew them.

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@FrancescaMarano Awesome! Keep going!❤️🎉
One of my biggest problems in the pool as a child was having to go withou…

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