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RT @ThinkUpThemes: @WordPress you guys are amazing! #WordPress changed the Internet for the better! Thanks @photomatt and @mikelittlezed1 !…

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RT @UKFastEvents: 11th Sept, 12-2pm we’re debating the Skills Agenda. Amazing panel inc @CodeClub @mikelittlezed1 @FuturEverything and Coun…

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RT @elsie_m_: See @MiniGirlGeek and some of her lovely mentors at @wutheringbytes There’s @mikelittlezed1 @amcewen @…

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I got interviewed again: WordPress co-founder on keeping up-to-date | .net…

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@Mayur_Mistry86 really glad you enjoyed it. Sign up to the mailing list and ask questions there.

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Forgot to post these earlier. July 2013 Meeting Notes…

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RT @mwug: August Meeting: Wednesday 21st, 6.30-9pm, Madlab

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Phew! @Dropbox Packrat just saved me from disaster! I’ve restored a spreadsheet I made a mistake on 10 saves & 15 days ago! Well worth $39

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@Y90SMH Yes. Unsigned BIGINT is the column type ( Room for more than 18 quintillion!

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RT @LeftHandersClub: Happy Left Handers Day to our friends worldwide! (Aug 13th) Please RT #lefthandersday @LeftHand…

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RT @spbail: Congrats to for winning the “best use of code” category! Looks like reading those research papers has worked out… :…

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@idea15webdesign Outrageous! *shakes head sadly*

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@idea15webdesign Definitely worth it. Start with or and try to find local @CodeClub

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@idea15webdesign @phenomenoodle… part of a piece on @youngrewired I was mentoring last week @YRSManchester

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RT @qmacro: RT @BBCTech: VIDEO: Computer coding for children << @fredverheul you may recognise the @madlabuk centre …

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RT @hubmum: Young Rewired State Festival of Code #YRS2013 feat on the telly, yay…

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RT @youngrewired: Lets give it up for centre leads and mentors everyone! Retweet! #yrs2013 thank you all!!!

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RT @LaurieAinley: to put #picycle achievement into context, took this at 3pm on thurs, just after 1st led connected @tmhrtly #yrs2013 http:…

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RT @qmacro: Congrats to @madlabuk team for winning the code category and also to @Carbon_Diary for being a super semi finalist. #…

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@mellis1995 @github gotta get me a hub sticker now I’m actually using it.

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Novalia Switchboard & Drum Poster. A great project needs your backing. I’ve just pledged.…

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RT @ag_dubs: team carbon diary is killin it @madlabuk #yrs2013

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RT @wutheringbytes: Wuthering Bytes
A weekend festival of technology in the heart of the Pennines.

Please RT and sp…

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On my way to #YRS2013 day one @madlabuk. Looking forward to it. I expect to be awed by the young coders again!

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