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@Suw There isn’t a (database) link btwn comments & their authors. You can only use emails/names, which can be faked. Hmmm *thinks* plugin…

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@adamamyl I too only saw it for the 1st time recently. Finished watching it in the early hours of Nov 5! Awesome film!

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@simonwheatley Gotta get me one a those! 😉

in reply to simonwheatley — 11:34pm Nov 26 2008 —

The final version of my WordPress theme, Journalized 2.7, has now been released.

1:21am Nov 26 2008 —

@Thehodge Do you mean Lego (no s)? It is both singular and plural (like sheep). I thought only Americans called it Legos

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After 24 hours in the freezer, the hard disk was still unreadable 🙁
Looks like it’ll be an expensive recovery service… Boo hoo

10:15pm Nov 24 2008 —

is looking to make room on his laptop to recover data from a crashed hard disk. HD, meanwhile, is going in the freezer!

11:56am Nov 23 2008 —

Didn’t win. 🙁

4:25pm Nov 22 2008 —

Ooh prize draws at #phpnw08, not won yet.

4:23pm Nov 22 2008 —

Last session Q&A panel about to start at #phpnw08

4:19pm Nov 22 2008 —

is waiting for the next talk to start… #phpnw08

2:42pm Nov 22 2008 —

Refactoring talk next. Should be a good one. I love the whole tdd/refactoring/agile thang. #phpnw08

1:56pm Nov 22 2008 —

After a couple of good talks, I’m just settling down to the packed lunch at #phpnw08

12:59pm Nov 22 2008 —

new talk on zend framework starting…

11:02am Nov 22 2008 —

Things are just kicking off at #phpnw08

9:54am Nov 22 2008 —

@Suw I chose ‘Cold shower’ and find it much easier on the eyes. I tend to find staring at white backgrounds gets too harsh very quickly.

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@Suw Yeah it’s sweet. It kicked in for me last night in between reading two emails. I have groovy colours now! 😉

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Doh! I’ve only just discovered Twitter automatically turns your pasted URLs into tinyurl ones. I’ve been creating them by hand.

2:36pm Nov 18 2008 —


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@Suw If you are on an up-to-date version of WP and Alismet, there is now an akismet stats panel on your dashboard.

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After 2 years of inactivity, I’ve just re-launched my Journalized WordPress theme.

10:19am Nov 12 2008 —

Just booked for the PHPNW Conference. It’s less than 3 weeks away.

9:29am Nov 4 2008 —