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@PointandStare As long as you understand it’s papering over the cracks, and real security is about closing the cracks.

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@PointandStare The author login id can be revealed in other ways so it’s not as bad as it appears

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@PointandStare I get phpbb2 and other attacks on my servers. No one is checking the app is even running, let alone versions.

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@PointandStare No, really. It doesn’t help anyone. It fools peeps into thinking they’re more secure. Hack scripts attack everything.

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@PointandStare generator tag is not a security issue. Hiding detectable info helps no one.

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Sending out a big “hello” to all my new followers. I noticed I now have more than 500. Wooh! I guess I should tweet more 😉

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RT @photomatt: Who will be the 10,000th person to take the WP survey? We’re close! Tell your friends:…

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On my way to tonights #mwug

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@toddhalfpenny DM sent.

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@SueDavis68 all done in WordPress, of course, by yours truly.

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@pgibbs I think you are taking about @shane_dillon

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@CheverSar glad you enjoyed it. It makes all worthwhile.

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RT @pgibbs: #wordcampuk I think Portsmouth has been one of the best UK wordcamps so far! Thnx to all speakers, attendees & sponsors

6:02pm Jul 17 2011 —

@rachelmccollin if only! The planning kicks off again in a few weeks!

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RT @PointandStare: google ‘wordpress specialists’ and we’re no.3 naturally under – we’re happy with that! #WordCampUK

5:51pm Jul 17 2011 —

@DeFries it was a client’s site! #wordpress #imdoingitwrong

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@johnthegeo might be interesting. I think the NZ chap will win though, I thought I saw he was coming again.

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On the train for the first leg of my journey to #wordcampuk 4.5 hours total.

12:02pm Jul 15 2011 —

If that’s the uni rooms, then yes. I’ll call when I get settled.

7:14pm Jul 14 2011 —

@Harrisment_UK Hmm? Missed me from history, there haven’t been 3 major versions of WP, only last 3 items have any relevance to the Q.

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@davecoveney Ah. I See. No I didn’t do anything with it. I probably could, along with a ton of other stuff I’ve written.

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@davecoveney @chrsgrrtt Can’t see Chris’ tweets, so I don’t know which plugin you are talking about…

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@jalada BTW, I took my test server down the other week. Presumed you were no longer using it.

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@jalada I was going to ask of you were still there. Guess so.

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