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RT @MarDixon: Too funny. And sad as true. HT @rebekahford

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RT @LetToysBeToys: For anyone who thinks that sexist marketing to children isn’t a problem… Really @UKGap ? HT @PsychScientists https://…

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RT @antireality: Thanks @kaspersky – I forgot women were no good with computers until you reminded me.

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RT @devolute: It’s unfortunate to hear that @gdsteam is under threat when it appears to be the least broken part of government…

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RT @madlabuk: New to WordPress or want to learn advanced techniques? We have a course for every level –…

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RT @petyeah: Celebrating a month since #WCEU with more photos, this time on FB by @koledan, go go ⇢……

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RT @WCEurope: It’s been a month since #WCEU! Missing it? Let’s go back for a bit with the big recap!……

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RT @wcmcr: Just in case you were busy this weekend and missed it WordCamp Mcr have announced their call for Speakers…

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RT @wordpressdotcom: Michael Jordan: ‘I can no longer stay silent’… @TheUndefeated

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RT @miss_jwo: #wpldn@danwestall_ is gonna host a hangout at the Peasant at 6:30PM this Thursday // @wpldn @nw3biz

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RT @WordImpress: @photomatt Drops Mic. Publishing on Medium (et al) is digital sharecropping. ~ Bridget

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RT @photomatt: @joshelman @msuster @mibi I just hate to see another generation of writers get conned and taken advantage of.

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RT @annashipman: Great article by @NotRollergirl on the stupid TWAG article and women in tech… via @emercoleman

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RT @tomwillmot: Would love to see the WP community move the needle here, let’s all donate something:…

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RT @miss_jwo: Ohh! @wpleeds has @katie_fenn talking about Debugging your code with Chrome DevTools. Totally worth going to even if you ain’…

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RT @KatMurti: Jail guards watched on video as #ElliottWilliams screamed for help for six days as he slowly died of a broken neck. https://t…

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RT @WorthyOnTheWeb: Don’t assume that just because you aren’t a backend developer that you couldn’t submit a talk to #wcmcr people use Word…

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@GirlGeekUpNorth Bum in the face is just cat speak for ‘hello’. 🙂 It’s even more fun when they weigh 5+Kg!

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RT @wcmcr: The list of suggestions is only a starting point. We also love talks about generating content. The sky’s the limit…

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RT @nouvellesvagues: See you soon … Enjoy the new release…

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RT @HeforShe: ‘We both want the freedom…to create a new unconscious agreement’ #ShiftYourPerspective #HeForShe

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RT @openbionics: Tilly’s first couple of minutes wearing a #bionic hand. Tilly’s choosing when to close the fingers and how fast. https://t…

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Great article from Meg Zulch: To Those Who Are Less Visibly Queer via @bustle #MoreLOVELessHATE

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