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RT @wcmcr: We love tech talks but we also love other stuff. Not everybody is a developer & we’re hoping to have lots of talks which appeal…

1:49pm Jul 22 2016 —

RT @wcmcr: WordCamps are events for anybody that uses WordPress, so please remember that when you see our Call for Speakers. #wcmcr

1:49pm Jul 22 2016 —

RT @petyeah: The first one was great, let’s do it again! #wptranslationday

1:44pm Jul 22 2016 —

RT @managewp: Congrats to @rtCamp first WordPress VIP partner in the Indian market…

1:42pm Jul 22 2016 —

RT @wcmcr: Manchester has a great WordPress Community you can help to support it by sponsoring WordCamp Manchester 2016…

1:19pm Jul 21 2016 —

My slides from last night’s talk. #mwug

11:42am Jul 21 2016 —

RT @dfreelon: Okay I just had to get ’em side by side. L: GOP Capitol Hill interns. R: DNCC interns. #2016

11:32am Jul 21 2016 —

RT @WordCampBTN: Introducing the very first WordCamp Brighton Wapuu (and Sid)…😎🌞🍦🏄⛱ #WCBTN #WordPress #Wapuu

11:21am Jul 21 2016 —

RT @make_nova: This is sad.
Your license to use React.js can be revoked if you compete with Facebook…

8:15am Jul 21 2016 —

RT @codeorg: 47 years ago today, software engineer Margaret Hamilton saved the Apollo 11 moon landing from aborting. #CSforAll…

8:11am Jul 21 2016 —

RT @celebpa: This is so cute – a tribute to local legend #FrankSidebottom from pupils at Chapelfield Primary in Bury.…

3:23pm Jul 20 2016 —

July Meeting: Wednesday 20th, 6.30-9pm, Madlab

1:56pm Jul 20 2016 —

@madlabuk @saintdle @mwug In my experience the sound is always awful! I did some tests just yesterday with periscope and it was poor.

in reply to madlabuk — 1:00pm Jul 20 2016 —

RT @jenmylo: A man who took 4 businesses billions into debt & then filed bankruptcy couldn’t get hired to run a coffeeshop: don’t hire him…

6:57am Jul 20 2016 —

RT @tomwillmot: Super excited to be able to offer some scholarships to A Week of REST, see

11:32pm Jul 19 2016 —

@jdevalk @wcmcr I shall pass the message along (not an organiser this year).

in reply to jdevalk — 7:01pm Jul 19 2016 —

RT @wcmcr: WordCamps aren’t just for developers. WordCamps aren’t just for bloggers. WordCamps are events for anybody that uses WordPress #…

6:57pm Jul 19 2016 —

@virginmedia That’s a crazy restriction for something built in the last year or so. A 10-char alphanum passw takes a few hours to crack

in reply to virginmedia — 12:43pm Jul 19 2016 —

Seriously @virginmedia? Max 10 chars? Alphanum only? My passwords are normally 25-35 chars.

12:36pm Jul 19 2016 —

#MWUG member @GurbirSingh looking for 1to1 help w/ self-publishing ebooks, proofreading etc. Can meet at Madlab & discuss needs & fees.

9:45am Jul 19 2016 —

MWUG member @GurbirSingh looking for 1to1 help w/ selfpublishing-creating ebooks, proofreading etc. Can meet at Madlab & discuss needs & fee

12:18am Jul 19 2016 —

@Krogsgard I think most of them are relatively new/rewritten. There are demo’s of the Storefront child themes.…

in reply to Krogsgard — 11:45pm Jul 18 2016 —

@leewillis77 @Krogsgard Yes. Storefront works fine ootb. Has some nice WC features. Sample site (+ free plugins)

in reply to leewillis77 — 10:31pm Jul 18 2016 —

RT @crgeary: Been to @WCEurope & @WordCampLondon, but my favourite was still last years @wcmcr! First #WordCamp I’m truly excited for. Brin…

10:26pm Jul 18 2016 —

RT @wcmcr: So we just formally announced WordCamp Manchester 2016 and sent our site live. https//…

7:36pm Jul 18 2016 —