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Just joined a twibe. Visit to join

9:29pm Apr 28 2009 —

@josswinn Have you tried The free version is a little limited, but it does work.

9:09pm Apr 28 2009 —

@1jh the other thing I see is fancy layouts where the image map doesn’t line up with the buttons. So you end up clicking some other link

in reply to 1jh — 9:44am Apr 25 2009 —

@1jh to login? Though it’s not obvious.

in reply to 1jh — 6:18am Apr 25 2009 —

@davidhawdale Info is mostly what I get from it too. Interesting links, articles. Only occasionally explicitly entertaining e.g. @stephenfry

in reply to davidhawdale — 10:09pm Apr 24 2009 —

@davidhawdale I definitely tweet to give people info. I also use it when I can’t be bothered writing a blog post. def not validation.

in reply to davidhawdale — 5:20pm Apr 24 2009 —

@davidhawdale I consider myself an introvert and I tweet. But not a lot. Sometimes with twepidation! I reconsider many potential tweets.

in reply to davidhawdale — 3:49pm Apr 24 2009 —

@neilfranklin alas no. Only the computers get names 🙂

in reply to neilfranklin — 3:21pm Apr 24 2009 —

@neilfranklin these three are my desk buddies. Though they normally look out the window.

12:32pm Apr 24 2009 —

@donncha I feel for you. Make change, alt-tab, ctrl-r is automatic but fatal with vmware. Add ctrl-g to grab focus insted of click.

in reply to donncha — 11:27am Apr 24 2009 —

@sheilaellen good to know, thanks. In this case it was a download link in the browser. Need to read manual!

in reply to sheilaellen — 8:44pm Apr 20 2009 —

@josswinn yes. Saw that progress had restarted. Will keep an eye on it.

8:35pm Apr 20 2009 —

@josswinn no copy+paste on G1. Used google search in links in ssh terminal to get zip. Then unzip & std web i/face to activate.

8:33pm Apr 20 2009 —

@josswinn dephorm dloaded, installed, activated. All from G1. /me impressed.

8:06pm Apr 20 2009 —

@josswinn sweet! Will make use of both of those.

7:38pm Apr 20 2009 —

@sheilaellen ooh! Not yet investigated that far. Sounds good.

in reply to sheilaellen — 7:37pm Apr 20 2009 —

@sheilaellen I’ve just used Twidroid for the first time. How are you finding it?

in reply to sheilaellen — 7:25pm Apr 20 2009 —

@Kalyr I like a good accordian piece played well! Especially french music.

7:11pm Apr 20 2009 —

I have my #wordcampuk 2009 ticket! I’m really looking forward to it. I volunteered to speak again!

8:35pm Apr 10 2009 —

@stephtara If Windows Alt+space, M gets to move mode, cursor keys in the correct direction to move it to your main screen. Maybe Mac too?

in reply to stephtara — 3:31pm Apr 9 2009 —

RT @sarahbrown10 Your update count says 23, but I can only see 2. Strange? Twhirl missed the ‘@’

1:04pm Apr 8 2009 —

Your update count says 23, but I can only see 2. Strange?

1:00pm Apr 8 2009 — – Forgot to mention, it then sends you to

12:46pm Apr 8 2009 —

@davemee Thanks. Good spot on the microformats! Though I didn’t get a way to expose it, the numbered paras are also permalinks.

in reply to davemee — 10:32am Apr 8 2009 —

@wptavern LawCom homepage is a different system. My bit is just /consultations and /lc-forum. I started with their css. Not sure what broke.

in reply to wptavern — 10:29am Apr 8 2009 —