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@Suw This made me smile. An oldie but goldie

in reply to Suw — 9:05am Sep 30 2008 —

In Starbucks, using my free wifi account to look for a new theme for Journalized. I happen to be sat by a plug too, so no batteries needed!

2:12pm Sep 27 2008 —

The new site I’ve been working on has just gone live: All WordPress of course.

12:06pm Sep 26 2008 —

OMG! Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter! I’d forgotten just how gooooood this album is! It’s 20+years since I heard it. It all comes flooding back

8:16am Sep 25 2008 —

Pulled off the WordPress work, back bugfixing java 🙁

8:11am Sep 25 2008 —

Aaargh! Download speed too slow. <40KBs Why am I paying for broadband?

12:07am Sep 25 2008 —

Just d/loading sigur ros, joni mitchell, lemar, Ernie K Doe and more from 7 Digital. No DRM, Good quality 256K+, good prices. Yay!!!

11:43pm Sep 24 2008 —

@linuxjournal Ooh! Ooh! Me!

in reply to linuxjournal — 11:39pm Sep 24 2008 —

@Suw Eeeww! Thanks for that thought 😉 Hope you get better soon.

in reply to Suw — 7:37am Sep 24 2008 —

Upgrading 40 WordPress blogs to 2.6.2

9:50pm Sep 23 2008 —

@mikelib Yes. Bit of a free for all at the mo. WP supports ‘need review’ state, write-not-publish authors & post revisions. cuold be useful.

in reply to mikelib — 10:26am Sep 23 2008 —

@sheilaellen R You are welcome. It will be good to update thelok of the site as well as the IA

in reply to sheilaellen — 9:48am Sep 23 2008 —

Hacking PHP in my day job. Much more interesting than boring old Java

9:41am Sep 23 2008 —