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@simonwheatley wow! impressive! I saw him live on TOTP in 69, one of my earliest musical memories. But not quite the same.

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RT @westi: RT*∞ @janeforshort: FYI, Automattic is not the parent company of WordPress. It’s the parent company of

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@IanHillsdon Thanks for the #FF

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@PaulMcDaid Thanks for the #ff recommendation!

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RT @chris_carter_: RIP Ari Up Sad news. (via @coseyfannitutti)

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@Kalyr yes yes yes!

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@tonys I know that, but the impression from the list is otherwise. Hence the Leeds withdrawal. #wordcampuk

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@tonys I know that, but that’s the impression coming out of the mailing list, hence the Leeds withdrawal. #wordcampuk

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@1jh I think a very small but vocal minority are insisting on a SE proposal not a collective ‘we’. #wordcampuk

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@MarkMcWilliams I don’t believe the current issue about proposals has got anything to do with the regrettable incident last July.

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Next MWUG meeting Wednesday 20th. All are welcome

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Apparently been without email all day. If you’ve sent me anything important, send it again.

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@neilfranklin @davecoveney it was Christine Sellick

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RT @juliac2: Blog report of #wordupwhitehall – its long – well, it was a long day! pl let me know any errors 🙂

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@simonwheatley Forgot to wish you a happy birthday. Enjoy the rest of it.

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No , just no 10

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On my way to #WordUpWhitehall, just rehearsed my presentation and it came in at 14 mins. Yeah right! Like that’s gonna happen.

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RT @imascientist: “by the time you finish the project, science will have taken over your brain…” <<Now w wor …

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@davecoveney in-ear occluding headphones are a must. even without playing music.

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@davecoveney 🙂 I use ‘ em for bookmarks. Presumably if they were blank ppl would think they were tickets?

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@simond Translating the timestamp to UK time I was probably sat at the kitchen table!

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@weacreative me too, but more so Ella.

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@appleseedapp cool.

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@imascientist just yesterday I discovered my daughter (mixed race like her dad) hadn’t heard of the national front!

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@miriamschwab unless it’s only subtlety different, I’m still seeing the old one.

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