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@MarkAssani Look here for some good advice It’s not a WP-specific issue, if you’ve other PHP apps check them too.

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@kendawes @zookx The problem is *not* known to be a WordPress one. Many non-wp php files have also been attacked

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Re: @123reg, more examples of this *not* being a WordPress issue coming in

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@gvogvo1 I couldn’t possibly use a company that plays loud music at me and hosts such a dubious looking hard sell page #2thumbsdown

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@benhuson I know, but they mention a security breach that targets WP i.e. after they got in they infect WP files. Not they got in thru WP.

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@benhuson This mentions all php files & 123-reg’s ‘solution’ is fix for hosting security vuln that hit all php files

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Ref for my last tweet again, not WordPress specfic

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This 123-reg hack seems to be related to poor hosting security again, and not WordPress specific

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@Azizur thanks for the recommendation.

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