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RT @Revive_Thrive: Hear from speakers including Joe Barratt of @teenage_market at our Legendary Places Conference 2/3 Mar…

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RT @BHAhumanists: Congratulations to our Vice President, Professor @acgrayling, on his CBE for services to philosophy! A well-deserved new…

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.@ScSSofas Are you A/B testing your latest TV advert with different dress colours? How are you measuring the response?

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RT @BHAhumanists: Congrats to Norway, which is disestablishing the Church of Norway on 1 January. Separation of church & state – a great st…

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Aaargh! It got me again. I have to clear my cookies to fix it. @MailChimp Please stop this defaulting to turn off t…

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RT @simond: In which wp-cli is definitively brought under the umbrella, & backed by ‘a number of companies in the W…

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RT @dimensionmedia: WordCampers: What was your first WordCamp and what best detail or memory can you recall from it?

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@dimensionmedia WC Birmingham UK 2008. I discovered many people were earning a living from WordPress. Not me! Decided to quit my day job

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RT @wp_wapuu: Hi Everyone! Wondering if someone else would LOVE to run @wp_wapuu ‘s twitter feed? If interested DM me! @post_status @photom…

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RT @Wikipedia: When writing Wikipedia, facts matter. Verifiability helps separate real facts from fake news. #FactsMatter…

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RT @AngryBlackLady: Black Women constantly being asked to prove themselves on here by white dudes who think harassing black women online is…

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@Rarst The first image on the page is @ryanhellyer ‘s. You should add a default image with @yoast SEO I see you are using.

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In my early 20’s I was refused a bank current/cheque account because I couldn’t afford to drive or travel abroad. @God_loves_women

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RT @God_loves_women: It costs money to have photo ID. Many poorer people don’t have any. No driving license or passport. This is just a dif…

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RT @peterjukes: CEO of this paper which trolled, hacked and monstered George Michael for years told him they got information on him from co…

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RT @tom_watson: “She illuminated the unseen universe”…

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@tideswellman I don’t mind the option being there, if you want to use it. But it should never default to being on.

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When you implement two factor auth, you should be congratulated. When you default the form to turn it off again, yo…

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@AmeliaStars2209 @lpoolgirlgeeks @_slates @imdollywilliams Merry Christmas to you all! 🎄☺

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RT @sarahkendzior: That said, my ability to research Trump will likely be curtailed after 1/20, so I encourage other journalists to do actu…

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@34SP Too fast!

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@Azizur @xkcdComic there’s always
You can run your own copy to.

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RT @fwall16: I’ve just signed up for I’m a Scientist Get me out of here! Have you signed up yet? @ipemnews @imascientist

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RT @mkjones: This isn’t a new scam – been happening for a couple of years. If anyone is worried then setup 2FA on your Google Account. http…

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RT @DustinWelbourne: 16 years ago, a doctor published a study. It was completely made up, and it made us all sicker.

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