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RT @imascientist: I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here is on demand. That means that we’ve got more happening, more often, to keep things fr…

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RT @mwug: December 2020 MWUG Cancelled

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December 2020 MWUG Cancelled

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RT @mikelittlezed1: Fabulous work by the release team!

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RT @thewebprincess: Represenation, Poetry and Nina Simone, over on the blog.…

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RT @FrancescaMarano: @mikelittlezed1 It’s been a wild ride and I hope an empowering one for many. This is a powerful signal, if we ever nee…

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RT @helenhousandi: Look at all of us 😊

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Fabulous work by the release team!

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@joemcgill @dimensionmedia Ha! 😁 Back then, my day job was coding in enterprise Java. With a side order of Perl and…

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RT @Mermaids_Gender: BREAKING: High Court ruling deals a potentially devastating blow to trans under 16s seeking access to life-saving pube…

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