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@jimpeel check out too for our mailing list and monthly meet ups.

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MailChimp has just hit a million users! They’re giving away 10,000 shirts, 2,000 hats and 1,000 plushies.

5:43pm Sep 27 2011 —

@davebriggs Or just try the “other versions” link on the plugin’s page (RH sidebar). e.g.

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@ShaneMcC Sure, we’ll be there. Meet in the station or the coffee lounge?

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@DeFries Bugger! DM vs Tweet failure. Must… concentrate… more… 🙂

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Yes please, don’t know what it will be about.

9:50am Sep 22 2011 —

RT @mwug: Notes from last night’s @MWUG meeting #MWUG ‘wordpress #manchester

9:30am Sep 22 2011 —

Manchester WordPress meet up tonight at @madlabuk 7pm, I’ll be there, will you? Come along. #MWUG #manchester #wordpress

11:56am Sep 21 2011 —

RT @lloydshep: Fascinating: a band lays out *exactly* how much money they make for their music on various services.…

5:51pm Sep 15 2011 —

@ShaneMcC @simond hopefully. It’s a target to aim for.

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@simond Definitely interested, of course.

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Just booked my train and hotel for WordUp Edinburgh

5:42pm Sep 15 2011 —

Next MWUG meeting: Wed September 21st at @madlabuk 7pm everyone welcome #manchester #wordpress

9:47am Sep 7 2011 —

Check this video out — Symphony of Science – the Quantum World!… via @youtube

8:43am Sep 7 2011 —

@janeforshort you all look fab!

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RT @jarib: “bed bug” – n. bug report you read before going to bed, then need to fix in order to sleep

7:44am Sep 2 2011 —