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RT @Humanists_UK: A short definition of what it means to hold humanist values 👇🏻👇🏼👇🏽👇🏾👇🏿

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@arthurbackouche @docusaurus Argh! Auto correct. Solutions to use not affiliations to win!

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@arthurbackouche @docusaurus Yes.there are multiple affiliations to win WordPress headless. And of course it depend…

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@AdemoyeJohn Borland Turbo Pascal on a green screen PC around 1985 or ’86.

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@arthurbackouche @docusaurus Not if you do it right. 😀

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@denicmarko Oh yes. I checked and even my last big tweet is on page one! That’s a first for me.

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RT @jazzs3quence: @mikelittlezed1 What a wild, strange trip it’s been! Grateful to have been able to hang out with you while at HM. Celebra…

8:37pm Jan 26 2023 —

@hansmast @nickfromseattle Both WordPress and B2 evolution were forks of b2.
As was b2++ which became WordPress Mu/multisite

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RT @alvarogois: This is how the world changes. Twenty years ago @mikelittlezed1 challenged @photomatt, and it became #WordPress. It changed…

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@WPBarista The comment is still live on Matt’s blog.

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RT @photomatt: It’s so cool that because it all happened online, you can pinpoint the exact moment and comment (and permalink it!) that kic…

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@dimensionmedia I was 60 last year. But most people guess way under that. 😀

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@dimensionmedia He was so young. Not yet 21 at that time I think.

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@Wonderm00n I’m still mostly hiding from the ‘rona as my partner is high risk.

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@fatigue_x Ha! The secret is dynamic up-to-date Gravatar images on that old comment! Though I was already bald back then.

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@Wonderm00n I haven’t blogged for a looong time. I know I should. But I never seem to find the time or mental space to do so. 😞

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RT @bgardner: This, #WordPress friends, is how it all got started. Thank you @mikelittlezed1 for your desire to fork, and thank you @photom…

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RT @WordCampPT: @mikelittlezed1 Thank you sir!

We will sing happy birthday to it on WordCamp Lisboa, in May.

Feel free to show up 🤣 https…

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RT @allie_nimmons: @mikelittlezed1 Such an important part of WordPress history!!

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RT @joyannboyce: @mikelittlezed1 Changed the world!

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RT @dimensionmedia: History in a forum post.

If we celebrate the 20th anniversary birth of #WordPress on May 27th this year, then today (…

5:02pm Jan 25 2023 —

20 years ago today, I commented on Matt’s blog & kicked off the project that became WordPress. Now WordPress powers…

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RT @humanmadeltd: HM Web Engineer @mattwatsoncodes goes full debunk mode on these pesky #WordPress myths 👊 #WhoYaGonnaCall…

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RT @WorthyOnTheWeb: If you insist on using email for 2 factor authentication, set a 10 minute timeframe, but can’t ever manage to send the…

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@dimensionmedia @goodreads I have a stack of physical books to get through too. Seven new ones this Christmas, plus…

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