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@simond Muted and sombre compared to the strong colours of the previous design. Commented and leftr a suggestion or two!

in reply to simond — 4:57pm Jan 30 2009 —

@TheHodge Take a look at this,… Why is your head so big? :-0

11:34pm Jan 29 2009 —

“Time for tea!”, said Zebedee

6:10pm Jan 29 2009 —

@quasihayley There’s this but they seem to have lost the old stuff. & are uk based

in reply to byhayley — 4:25pm Jan 29 2009 —

@brianhogg Hard 2 open eggs, ill-fitting parts >5, impossible 2 align stickers, incomprehensible instructions, & who knew what it was? Fun!

in reply to brianhogg — 2:34pm Jan 29 2009 —

Wow. The wind just started gusting and the temperature feels like it dropped about a degree. Time for hot soup!

12:46pm Jan 29 2009 —

@Thehodge This one was much more fun! Multiple parts, stickers, and movement. Oh and chocolate!

in reply to Thehodge — 12:17pm Jan 29 2009 —

@AmyStephen Amy, I missed this original tweet. Glad you liked the post. I’d forgotten that link, it’s a good intro.

in reply to AmyStephen — 11:54am Jan 29 2009 —

@quasihayley Actually it *was* pretty easy to open. Tip: Leaving one next to the cooling exhaust of your laptop is messy!

in reply to byhayley — 11:07am Jan 29 2009 —

Just opened a Kinder Surprise, and the toy was already assembled! There’s nothing to build 🙁 And what’s with the hinged eggs? In my day…

10:36am Jan 29 2009 —

Tw00t! I’ve now got my twicket to the Manchester Twestival Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

4:35pm Jan 28 2009 —

Heading off to my first Manchester WordPress User Group meeting shortly.

4:53pm Jan 22 2009 —

@FindingAda Pledged. It’s a good cause Suw. You should add the sign-up page to the twitter profile

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