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@brianhogg *grin* How could I monitor what everyone is doing for the big switch off without my ‘puter?

in reply to brianhogg — 9:19pm Mar 28 2009 —

Lights out for #earthhour

8:33pm Mar 28 2009 —

@graphiclunarkid I agree, Twitter is a great source of new & interesting sites/stories. It’s those I’ve missed. Hohum no time to read anyway

in reply to graphiclunarkid — 3:44pm Mar 25 2009 —

Blah. Not checked twitter for too long. More than 200 tweets behind. New interface doesn’t help. Giving up.

3:02pm Mar 25 2009 —

@mwug Yes. Friday is good for me.

in reply to mwug — 5:46pm Mar 18 2009 —

Happy 20th Birthday World Wide Web. 20 years since Sir Tim Berners-Lee wrote “Information Management: A Proposal”

1:45pm Mar 13 2009 —

@Kalyr Don’t do it! The choc part tastes like dog chocolate or the cheapest out-of-date choc your ever tasted!

12:10pm Mar 13 2009 —

Red Nose Day site Flash fail! I do have Flash 9 installed. But I am running Ubuntu #rednoseday2009


11:47am Mar 13 2009 —

@mikelittlezed1 Number 10 Red Nose More — correct URL

10:38am Mar 13 2009 —

New blog post – “Number 10 gets a Red Nose”

10:37am Mar 13 2009 —

@freeballoon Welcome to the world of Twitter. Be prepared for a proliferation of T-W-related twitticisms & twaddle. There goes some now.

10:09am Mar 13 2009 —

French music today! Francis Lai earlier (hmm 60/70s cheese), a soupçon of Françiose Hardy now, and likely beaucoup de Serge Gainsbourg next.

10:53am Mar 12 2009 —

This ‘Harnessing Free and Open Source in Local Govt’ conf looks very interesting. I wonder if I should/can go.

9:09am Mar 12 2009 —

Temporary distraction: Ooh! It’s a firefox!

11:59am Mar 11 2009 —

Ha! profile editor now working. Done.

8:55am Mar 11 2009 —

Big Chimpin’. I Finally decided to set up my CHI.MP account, and the edit profile page barfs!

10:54am Mar 10 2009 —

Hmmmm. Bed methinks. Up at 04:45. Still, first class down to London should be nice.

11:57pm Mar 6 2009 —

@Kalyr Ah ha! May do, depends on whether I can be organised enough. Too much work on at the moment!

11:52pm Mar 6 2009 —

@Kalyr Which one’s that? I wasn’t planning, but may do. Details?

11:42pm Mar 6 2009 —

Looking forward to London Fashion Weekend with Jamie tomorrow. Early start 6am 🙁 Prepping camera: room for 900 pix plus plenty of batts.

11:18pm Mar 6 2009 —

Yay! Finally got my Google calendar and contacts to sync with my Nokia e61i (& on a moving train too). Had to go via

3:26pm Mar 5 2009 —