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WordCamp Edinburgh UK 2012: get your tickets at the earlybird price before Friday noon.

4:10pm May 29 2012 —

@booleanvalue @photomatt Nine years old actually!

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RT @omniversity: A course not to be missed – WordPress for Beginners run by its co-founder @mikelittlezed1, July 8 & 9. Book here: h …

4:56pm May 28 2012 —

@nacin @perishable @chriscoyier Seconded. Commented with suggestion for correct 5-line solution.

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RT @richardtape: @mikelittlezed1 @photomatt Just wanted to say thank you for WordPress. It has (literally) changed my life. Happy WordPr …

9:43pm May 27 2012 —

@smoothradio Hi. What was the song just before James Taylor? It sounded a lot like like Annie Lennox

8:32am May 27 2012 —

Just posted: WordPress is Nine. Happy Birthday WordPress!

8:00am May 27 2012 —

I just backed Camp Myth #1: Phoenix Watching on @Kickstarter If you decide to back the book, tell them I sent you.

8:01pm May 26 2012 —

@philipvalentino I remembered reading that it was being done, but missed the launch.

in reply to philipvalentino — 11:57pm May 25 2012 —

This is what the internet is for
Very well done. Brings a tear to my eye.

4:56pm May 24 2012 —

RT @mwug: Now with audio: Richard Tape’s “Less ‘Oh Sh*t’ with Git” Talk

12:41pm May 24 2012 —

RT @richardtape: Reminder: I’m giving a talk @MWUG tonight at 7pm. Come down to MadLab and hear me extoll the virtues of having a #WordP …

4:08pm May 16 2012 —

Don’t forget tonight’s #MWUG meeting Everyone welcome
See you all at 7pm #wordpress #manchester

4:08pm May 16 2012 —

@ShaneMcC Cheers. I’m as happy as I ever am, it’s just a shock when I think about it.

in reply to ShaneMcC — 2:37pm May 13 2012 —

@simond and I should say thanks, of course.

in reply to simond — 5:41pm May 12 2012 —

@simond yeah. Apparently, I’m bloody 50 years old! How did that happen?

in reply to simond — 5:40pm May 12 2012 —

Just found my pic of Tyler James from Nov 2004 (supporting Amy Winehouse) #TheVoiceUK

6:41pm May 6 2012 —

Yay! YRS hit their crowd-funding target
But there’s still a couple of days to pledge more. via @wordpressdotcom

10:24am May 4 2012 —

RT @FromTheLabBench: By far the coolest coffee mug I’ve ever seen! I’m an Engineer, Get me Out of Here mug!! — @Fr …

5:35am May 3 2012 —

Great ruling “functionality of a computer program & the programming language cannot be protected by copyright” (pdf)

12:46pm May 2 2012 —

RT @dimensionmedia: That’s some fine network security you got there.

11:21pm May 1 2012 —

OMG! Inbox zero!…
1st time in about 8 years. Thanks, in part, to @activeinbox Just 70 to-do’s in @rememberthemilk now

11:17pm May 1 2012 —