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@LauraKalbag I think we do want to be more organised (a number of things didn’t get done this year) but not too enterprise. #wordcampuk

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@calmbanana Just spotted the BuddyPress ref in your screenshot. You don’t get edit plugins in #WPMU. That explains it.

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@BillGlover There are a couple more hidden too. Not forgetting the stuff in the status bar. I <3 firefox extensions!

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@mkjones Is that the space station silhouetted against the sun?

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@calmbanana Are you logged in as admin?


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@calmbanana Under Plugins->Editor you should be able to. Works for me in my test 2.8 Can’t save if the perms are wrong. #wordpress #wpmu

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@billglover You must have missed this also available as RSS, and tab- or semicolon-separated files #WordCampUK

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RT @mwug: Trying to arrange a Manchester WordPress User Group meet up for this week. #mwug

8:55pm Jul 26 2009 —

@jayeface This is Troy’s Twitter script for Firefox. needs GreaseMonkey too.

5:02pm Jul 25 2009 —

@jonnyauk The folder path should match the original URL. External visitors/spiders should see no change.

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RT @mikelittlezed1: Slides posted on slideshare Oops! forgot #wordcampuk

1:09pm Jul 20 2009 —

Slides posted on slideshare not sure they are any use, but the pictures are pretty! :-)

1:06pm Jul 20 2009 —

@1jh welcome to MWUG

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@1jh approved! Welcome to MWu

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Wooh. Finally home from #wordcampuk they found us a train at crewe. Set down only not on the t/table

12:02am Jul 20 2009 —

Bah! Train late+can’t open doors for 10 mins=missed connection. Adds at least 1 hour 30 to journey. Now via crew+taxi

9:33pm Jul 19 2009 —

@alunjohn interesting question. In theory it is the office and comms staff that you follow, not the sitting minister. So…

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Great weekend! Safely on the train home w/family. Home about 23.45. #wordcampuk

7:20pm Jul 19 2009 —

RT @lesteph: Congratulations @downingstreet on 1,000,000 followers – an achievement, even accounting for spam

4:35pm Jul 19 2009 —

@realfreshtv Chi-Chi “Hackers” not “crackers”, never crackers #wordhack #wordcampuk

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@realfreshtv Thank you. I enjoyed the meal and the interview. #wordcampuk

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@alisonboyle GPL = GNU General Public License A software licensing philosophy #wordcampuk

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@simond try the floor. THe underfloor sockets are active. #wordcampuk

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Listening to lots and lots of people who are doing interesting things with #wordpress. #wordcampuk

9:18am Jul 18 2009 —

Got some good photos of Torchwood crew arriving in Cardiff bay by Helicopter.


4:48pm Jul 17 2009 —