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RT @simonwheatley: “Can we watch things of thing?”
“They fly around.”
“In a space ship.”
“Agents of Steel!”

8:57am Mar 28 2014 —

@goldfrapp Were absolutely fabulous! I am reminded why I go to see live bands! Priceless!

10:50pm Mar 27 2014 —

@WeWereEvergreen great show guys. Will be checking out the album!

8:45pm Mar 27 2014 —

RT @KcpLtdUK: Expose children early to #science & #engineering careers-here’s why @EastAyrshire @Feorlean @Leadersaward…

8:38pm Mar 27 2014 —

Loving @WeWereEvergreen supporting @goldfrapp !

8:13pm Mar 27 2014 —

@AndrewHarris263 I’m not sure why you are telling me this. Do I host your blog? Are you confusing me with @wordpressdotcom?

in reply to AndrewHarris263 — 11:22am Mar 26 2014 —

@humanmadeltd I made a comment on a recent change to your backup plugin, that broke it!

11:20am Mar 26 2014 —

RT @mwug: March 2014 Meeting Notes

2:46pm Mar 25 2014 —

@mcrgirlgeeks email me: mike @ my domain.

9:52pm Mar 22 2014 —

RT @cftp: Start spreading the news: Simon & Simon speaking at the Big Media (WordPress) Meetup hosted by the New York Times in a couple of …

4:27pm Mar 22 2014 —

CBBC Newsround – Code Club reviews their VIP patron. filmed at Rolls Crescent Primary School, Hulme

4:25pm Mar 22 2014 —

11:23am Mar 20 2014 —

RT @mwug: Update: Tonight’s tech talk (8pm) will be @Tarendai on Vagrant development environment.

3:22pm Mar 19 2014 —

Interesting change by @linkedin. They’re cutting off all but 2 CRM partners (guess which ones) from their API.…

6:33pm Mar 18 2014 —

@ajthomascouk I wasn’t involved in that. They (cabinet office) took dev/maint in-house late 2010.

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RT @chrissmit: Mike Little is the Co-Founder of WordPress. Yes, WordPress. This is a MUST listen interview… @mikel…

5:59pm Mar 11 2014 —

Here’s an interview I did a while back — Interview With Mike Little –

5:51pm Mar 11 2014 —

RT @DFID_UK: What’s the hardest setting in the Game of Life? #transformherfuture #infographic #girls #women #IWD2014

10:01am Mar 4 2014 —

Health and Safety and Food Safety Training Courses in Stockport…

9:54am Mar 4 2014 —

RT @hubmum: The week of the Hour of Code has come! Just play for ONE HOUR this week, see if you like it #hourofcode

9:33am Mar 3 2014 —

RT @s10wen: “You don’t need to be a developer to contribute to WordPress” @mikelittlezed1

6:50pm Mar 1 2014 —

RT @Tarendai: Core contribution with @mikelittlezed1 #wpcd

6:50pm Mar 1 2014 —

RT @madlabuk: Advanced WordPress with @mikelittlezed1 on April 10-11. Just four places left! (Next AWP course in July)…

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