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RT @AccessibleTwitr Buying power of people with disabilities: $1 trillion. HT @lfp72 @pganza

10:34pm Sep 30 2010 —

@bobop Wow! I only create XHTML. Though it’s about time I learnt HTML5 properly.

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@bobop <br /> is XHTML though, with the space for older browsers.

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lol 🙂 RT @timbray: “There are only two hard problems in Computer Science: cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors.”

12:59pm Sep 30 2010 —

RT @wordcampuk: Reminder: bidding for #wordcampuk 2011 venue closes in 2 days

1:09pm Sep 28 2010 —

@janeforshort look at the cykey chorded keyboard.

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:)RT @sydneypadua It’s my ambition to retire to the country and drive a pair of fast, erratic ponies, that I shall name Brownie and Motion.

9:22pm Sep 27 2010 —

OMG > RT @nacin Windows Live Outsources Blogging, Migrating 30 Million Users To via @techcrunch

6:55pm Sep 27 2010 —

@LouLouK great article. Some good questions asked.

in reply to LouLouK — 1:47pm Sep 25 2010 —

RT @ElizabethN: @andriesss “Let’s eat Grandma.” versus “Let’s eat, Grandma.” Commas save lives, dammit!

5:08pm Sep 24 2010 —

RT @imascientist: Help save British science! Sign the petition Write MPs #scienceisvital Pleas …

10:39am Sep 24 2010 —

I tweet since 06 Apr 2008. My #first5 followers were @Number10gov @Arcticmatt @DivvaFlip @kitsandmortar and @Suw.

8:06am Sep 24 2010 —

Support #scienceisvital, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! –

8:31pm Sep 23 2010 —

RT @ShaneMcC: #ScienceIsVital – an excellent grassroots group of scientists is making a stand for science – pls sign the petition: http: …

7:23pm Sep 23 2010 —

The mulligatawny instant soup I just made turns out to be mushroom! Very disappointing.

11:54am Sep 23 2010 —

@ayiasophia I know of the trend and read the links, but didn’t think it stretched to three whole dress sizes.

in reply to ayiasophia — 8:38am Sep 23 2010 —

@ayiasophia re sizing, for such a large diff, it could simply be mis-labelled.happens occasionally.

3:08am Sep 23 2010 —

@sheilaellen ok, thanks. Great news though, as you say.

in reply to sheilaellen — 2:53am Sep 23 2010 —

@sheilaellen great news. Do you have a link for that?

in reply to sheilaellen — 2:53pm Sep 22 2010 —

@RickAdbary W..T..F?

in reply to RickAdbary — 7:55pm Sep 20 2010 —

@davebriggs neither did I til now! I remember when it was new. (I was in the industry back then).

in reply to davebriggs — 7:53pm Sep 20 2010 —

@Azizur looking forward to it.

in reply to Azizur — 7:50pm Sep 20 2010 —

@Azizur no worries, it prompted me to buy that domain anyway.

in reply to Azizur — 7:50pm Sep 20 2010 —

@neilfranklin @davebriggs loving @swype on my galaxy S.

in reply to neilfranklin — 7:47pm Sep 20 2010 —

@Azizur you are welcome. How did it go? Did you get to use them?

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