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RT @wordcampuk: Reminder: bidding for #wordcampuk 2011 venue closes 30 September

11:49am Sep 20 2010 —

@madlabuk wish I could have made it, but work and family commitments got in the way.

in reply to madlabuk — 10:56am Sep 18 2010 —

RT @7wondersin7days @mikelittlezed1 Thanks for helping to create this adventure #7w7d – you’re welcome.

1:36am Sep 18 2010 —

@kerryneeds yes I do. Email me, or speak to me at @mwug tonight.

in reply to kerryneeds — 4:43am Sep 15 2010 —

RT @timjph: #opentech wow – apparently UK crown copyright rules modified so it is now compatible with #cc attribution!

2:01pm Sep 11 2010 —

Arrived early for #opentech, a few early registrants and volunteers around. Filling nicely. I’ve high hopes for a good conf

9:00am Sep 11 2010 —

I’m looking forward to #opentech tomorrow. There are some interesting talks scheduled See you there if you are going.

10:02pm Sep 10 2010 —

RT @photomatt: A New Home for the WordPress Trademark:

1:16pm Sep 10 2010 —

Setting off shortly. RT @paulrouke looking forward to tonight’s NUX meetup in Manchester: #usability #UX #nuxuk

4:42pm Sep 6 2010 —

RT @edyong209: Through I’m a Scientist, kids learn that scientists don’t always know the answer . This is important. #iassolo

2:51pm Sep 3 2010 —

RT @edyong209: I’d give these two a standing ovation if my legs weren’t atophied through lack of use #iassolo

2:50pm Sep 3 2010 —

@bobop Should have been already. I confirmed with Natalie

in reply to bobop — 10:36am Sep 3 2010 —

Trying out the Priority Inbox in #gmail Sweet!

7:55am Sep 3 2010 —