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@alexkingorg Thank you. I didn’t realise I was such an influence. Have a great Thanksgiving holiday.

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@rachelmccollin 🙂 #morningsmile
I saw someone describing this new LinkedIn endorsement experience the new chain letter.

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Oops! You’d think UX Professionals would do better. All the links say “Read Statement” with no title attribute.

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@Kalyr It’s too long ago 2 remember but, does the input vector send the correct charset/encoding to handle the accented char?

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@Kalyr Let me guess: The apostrophe in Fiddler’s Shindig?
Which code?

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@elsiedotm No worries, Lisa; the server will cope. Congrats to @MiniGirlGeek and @jackneedham3

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@rmccue @SiobhanPMcKeown …but no one would try to pronounce ‘eff’ beginning with an ‘f’, or ‘ess’ with an ‘s’.

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@rmccue @SiobhanPMcKeown it used to be a weird class thing. Pronouncing ‘haitch’ was considered posh by these who didn’t know better.

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@SiobhanPMcKeown @rachelmccollin @Robert_Ashton The spoken version of ‘h’ (Aitch) does not begin with an ‘h’ and so is always ‘an h’.

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@SiobhanPMcKeown @KirstyBurgoine Wow! I take that as a great compliment. I’m immensely pleased to have helped! Cheers!

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@SiobhanPMcKeown @KirstyBurgoine Hopefully a constructive telling off! 🙂

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The @MWUG Survey will close tomorrow If you haven’t completed it, please do and help make MWUG better.

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@pbonewell @mwug Quite possibly. It’s not the developer’s course, though there will be some basic coding (child theme) in there.

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RT @omniversity: Advanced WordPress is on for the first time 2nd-3rd March 2013 led by @mikelittlezed1 Book your place here: …

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RT @madlabuk: Intermediate WordPress with @mikelittlezed1 is back on the 2nd-3rd February 2013. Book a place here

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@simond @SiobhanPMcKeown Don’t you have to be dead to get a blue plaque?

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@simond @SiobhanPMcKeown Don’t let me stop you. I can provide bio info if you want. 😉

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RT @mwug: Last few days to help us make the meetings better. Please complete our survey

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RT @mwug: Just posted: November MWUG meeting 21st @madlabuk 6.30pm #wordpress #manchester

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RT @frontlineclub: WordPress co-founder Mike Little will be leading Friday’s WordPress for Journalists workshop. Places still available. …

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RT @AEMCartwright: @mikelittlezed1 will be at @frontlineclub tomorrow to share all his glorious #WordPress knowledge. I’m excited. http: …

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