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Awesome advice from Mika — Security: Do it the WordPress Way… via @ipstenu

3:39pm Dec 21 2016 —

RT @mikelittlezed1: WordPress Training courses 2017  –

11:36am Dec 21 2016 —

Help @OpenMediaOrg fight for the Open Internet. Donate today! #technology #nptech

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WordPress Training courses 2017  –

4:11pm Dec 20 2016 —

RT @OpenRightsGroup: The Investigatory Powers Act is about to come into effect – here’s what it means for your #privacy and #security https…

4:08pm Dec 20 2016 —

RT @mwug: December 2016 Xmas party: Wednesday 21st, 6.30-9pm, Madlab

10:58am Dec 19 2016 —

December 2016 Xmas party: Wednesday 21st, 6.30-9pm, Madlab

10:43am Dec 19 2016 —

@idea15webdesign Happy birthday. 🎂 🎉💚

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RT @PennyRed: Oh hello, leftist men piling in to tell me that Melania deserves everything she gets. I wrote this just for you!…

4:50pm Dec 16 2016 —

RT @ASOS_HeretoHelp: @beyoncesson 2/2 them like this:

5:39pm Dec 15 2016 —

RT @imascientist: Here’s the @wellcometrust Plants Zone report from last month’s event #IASUK……

4:30pm Dec 14 2016 —

RT @steveklabnik: Fellow men: read this. “How to Guide for Criticizing Conservative Women Without Being a Sexist Asshole”…

7:36am Dec 14 2016 —

RT @imascientist: Great feedback from teachers & scis in the @wellcometrust Brain Zone! Read the report for more… #IASUK…

5:44pm Dec 13 2016 —

RT @autselfadvocacy: This sentence is an insult to Alex Spourdalakis’s memory & sets a dangerous precedent for future criminal cases. https…

5:44pm Dec 13 2016 —

New to marketing? First lesson: BCC your mailouts. Don’t leak 440 customer email addresses! /cc @yoast

3:29pm Dec 13 2016 —

RT @danielbachhuber: Would you rather see @wpcli blossom as an independent project, or suffer a slow, painful decline?…

7:59am Dec 13 2016 —

RT @upulie: Follow @realscientists and get some science in your day. Also help us achieve our Christmas Wish of 50,000 followers

12:10pm Dec 12 2016 —

Also broadcast on Radio Merseyside’s Upfront show 11/12/2016 CC @NgunanAdamuBBC @BBCUKBLACK

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Got a brief appearance on the Devon Daley show on BBC Radio Derby, 11/12/2016 (07:38 and 16:05)

10:03am Dec 12 2016 —

I responded to the Government’s consultation on 100% religious selection at schools. You can too… Please stop this.

1:11pm Dec 11 2016 —

RT @codeorg: Happy Birthday to Ada Lovelace, author of the very first algorithm. #CSforAll…

10:04pm Dec 10 2016 —

RT @doctorow: Stay Slim and Fit with Amphetamine 1940…

3:40pm Dec 10 2016 —

RT @ErrorFourOThree: If individual UK nationals are permitted to keep a form of EU citizenship after Brexit, would you apply?
Pls RT for br…

3:21pm Dec 10 2016 —

RT @danielbachhuber: At a decision point with @wpcli: it’s too large for me to voluntarily maintain. Have an opinion on its future? I’d lov…

8:18am Dec 10 2016 —

RT @Nash076: Once more: we don’t block ads because we want everything for free.

We block them because ad networks remain vulnerable to mal…

4:45pm Dec 8 2016 —