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RT @madlabuk: .@MayaChowdhry is seeking a technology mentor with experience of augmented reality to help her with an exciting R&D https://t…

4:43pm Dec 8 2016 —

RT @hellofromTonya: I backed this #php #diversity campaign. It’s so close to being fully funded. It needs your help.…

6:54pm Dec 7 2016 —

RT @wcmcr: Shout out to @davepullig of @DeliciousMedia who’s patch at #wcmcr contributor day got added to 4.7 yesterday!…

10:20am Dec 7 2016 —

RT @diversity_IT: Only 44 hours left to get your @RainbowLePHPant ! Get one for yourself and some more to give away 🙂…

7:06am Dec 7 2016 —

RT @idea15webdesign: A fairly appalling taste of what’s to come over the next four years: a hatchet job on the US #a11y community. https://…

12:42am Dec 7 2016 —

RT @HeforShe: We must continue to dream big. #HeForShe…

12:35am Dec 7 2016 —

RT @miriamschwab: When u shouldn’t use gmail: Did a ‘Government-backed Attacker’ attempt to steal your Gmail password? by @jeffreycarr http…

12:34am Dec 7 2016 —

Steady on, old chap. Stiff upper lip and all that! 😊

8:20pm Dec 6 2016 —

@hippyjim Followed but email is still the best way to reach me. I can ignore Twitter for days on end!

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RT @joewalnes: Firebug discontinued.
Firebug, I salute you.
You revolutionized web development and started the DevTools revolution


7:05am Dec 6 2016 —

Say no to UK #censorship of thousands of legal adult websites! #DEBill…

9:33pm Dec 5 2016 —

RT @troyhunt: Just blogged: 43,203 Indian patient pathology reports were left publicly exposed by Health Solutions

7:49pm Dec 5 2016 —

RT @imascientist: Read what recent scientist winners thought about the #IASUK event. SPOILER: They got a lot from talking to students! http…

11:55am Dec 5 2016 —

RT @max_read: a clippy for twitter that pops up every time someone starts a tweet with “1/” and offers to set up a wordpress for them

6:58am Dec 5 2016 —

RT @kadamwhite: Congratulations and many, many thanks to @helenhousandi for your leadership of (& mentorship during) the WordPress 4.7 rele…

8:51pm Dec 4 2016 —

RT @sapphicgeek: So, I want to tell you all what happened in the store today. It’s probably the single greatest moment I have ever experien…

8:39pm Dec 4 2016 —

RT @WordCampUS: “One of the goals of the the WordPress project is to foster this environment of diversity and inclusion” – @nacin #wcus

8:27pm Dec 4 2016 —

RT @RainbowLePHPant: I’ve just published Update #6 for the PHPDiversity Rainbow Elephpant kickstarter –… https://t.c…

8:24pm Dec 4 2016 —

RT @CodeUpUK: The #CodeUp #Stockport session has been moved from its regular spot (which would be Boxing Day) to the 12th Dec!…

8:08pm Dec 4 2016 —

RT @maggiephilbin: A good piece …also underlines need for digital literacy to be built into curriculum …

7:01pm Dec 4 2016 —

RT @dimensionmedia: “Does your product require high bandwidth? 10% of americans don’t have access to high speed internet.” @nacin #wcus

7:20pm Dec 3 2016 —

RT @dimensionmedia: “WordPress and the WordPress community needs to give voices to the voiceless.” @nacin #wcus

7:19pm Dec 3 2016 —

@glueckpress Not seen that before 😊. It reminds me of my 1st webpage. Written in HTML1 with a DOS editor and viewed in text mode DOS too.

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@glueckpress @txties whoops! Wrong Twitter handle.

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@glueckpress I’d not heard of @txti before. Interesting.
I immediately thought about how I would implement it in WordPress 😊

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