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RT @madlabuk: Need help setting up your first website? Learn WordPress with co-founder @mikelittlezed1……

10:47am Sep 14 2015 —

RT @madlabuk: Need a #website? Don’t know where to start? Start here! #WordPress for Beginners this Thursday and Friday:…

7:37pm Sep 12 2015 —

RT @kerryneeds: Loving being back up north. Manchester is definitely the best city in the UK ?

10:01am Sep 12 2015 —

@magicroundabout @wcmcr Except that the point is that isn’t all about code or hacking. That’s what we need to get across.

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OK. That was weird. I Googled how to do something in WordPress and found my solution to somebody else asking the same question in 2012!

2:06pm Sep 10 2015 —

Ooh… That’s me.

10:56am Sep 10 2015 —

RT @NicolaMackrill: @CreativeCalder @mikelittlezed1 @ElsieWhiteley Thanks for a fab morning! Evening of website planning planned 🙂

10:54am Sep 10 2015 —

@wcmcr Help make WordPress better. Be part of the awesome community. Make new friends. No code required.

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RT @Sia: 5 years sober today. If you’re newly sober, keep at it, it gets so so awesome. YOU CAN DO IT.

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@pure1078 re Baker street sax solo…

7:42pm Sep 9 2015 —

RT @mwug: September Meeting: Wednesday 16th, 6.30-9pm, Madlab…

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RT @madlabuk: #TechNorth panel discussing apprenticeships and other alternatives to uni. You don’t need to study for 3 years to get into d…

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RT @CreativeCalder: Its #CafeCreate WordPress: Live Build with Founder @mikelittlezed1 tomorrow 9 – 10.30 @ElsieWhiteley book here http://t…

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RT @wcmcr: If you’d like to include this guy to your t-shirt collection get over to #wcmcr

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@davetgreen Leave a comment here

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RT @madlabuk: Learn WordPress with its co-founder, @mikelittlezed1. Next course: Beginners on 17/18 Sept. http://t.c…

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RT @tkadlec: 90% of all Twitter arguments summed up in one sentence.

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RT @wcmcr: Sometimes people don’t realise that WordCamps aren’t just for devs which is why we’re encouraging more content speakers. #wcmcr

11:01am Sep 4 2015 —

RT @wcmcr: We’re still accepting speaker requests for both tracks. We currently have a lot less requests for speakers talking about content…

11:01am Sep 4 2015 —

RT @wcmcr: There are still a couple of days left to apply for a speaker slot at WordCamp Manchester We’d love more content based submission…

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Looking into fancy JS tech. Struggling to choose. Remembered why. “The web is not a platform” – Eric Meyer

10:34am Sep 3 2015 —

RT @wcmcr: WordCamp Manchester, the ONLY place to get a Bumble Wapuu T-shirt #wcmcr

6:20pm Sep 2 2015 —

RT @wcmcr: There are still some sponsorship opportunities available for WordCamp Manchester. Next month… #wcmcr

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WordPress Training courses Autumn 2015. –

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