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RT @tithenai: This is so pure & perfect & I love it so much & am crying because of it. Can’t thank @gaileyfrey enough for writing. https://…

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@elliottrichmond @wpmark It’s fine since we offloaded the heaviest process (real time chat) to Google cloud.

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@elliottrichmond @wpmark It depends. The big site has over 120,000 users. But usually less than 3000 active on up t…

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@elliottrichmond @wpmark My client and I rent VPS’s and I manage the servers.

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@wpmark Not going to #wcedin, but I look after one MS with around 250 sites, and one with around 170. If you get no joy, ping me.

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RT @bbcpress: Here’s something we may actually be biased about – we reckon this is a pretty good deal. #BBC

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RT @WritersofColour: It’s Time to Talk About Black Tudors:…

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July 2017 Meeting: Wednesday 19th, 6.30-9pm, Madlab

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RT @realcturner: This documentary is so important. Its heartbreaking that women’s football is 50 yrs behind the men’s game due to FA #whenf…

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RT @jenniebrereton: Watching #whenfootballbannedwomen Unbelievable not to know about the history of women’s football. Crowds of up to 60k…

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@mkjones @elegantthemes *core code function the_content* … If you want to set your installation to a multisite, y…

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.@elegantthemes Wow! you need to get some editorial control. Today’s “best prog language to learn” article makes no sense! It’s laughable!

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RT @Jenny_Trout: My daughter watching the #DoctorWho announcement. #doctor13 #DoctorWho13

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RT @SamusMcQueen: “No federal law shall be interpreted to treat gender identity or transgender status as a protected class.” This is how th…

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RT @amyquispe: The new tech bro playbook: First the apology, then the walkback, then “fake news!”… via @pandodaily

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RT @RCADesRes: Education Minister: ‘Don’t worry about decline in arts subjects – computing is on the rise’…

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I just liked “ARNOLD” by @RileyMakesDocs on #Vimeo:

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RT @davidmirandario: The world now see that your act was heroic and you helped to transform an entire generation that – thanks to you – kno…

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RT @mythofthenorth: @WHSmith partnering again with hate filled Daily Express – wonder how your migrant staff feel? Please @StopFundingHate

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RT @StopFundingHate: In the same week that @Morrisons @waitrose and @asda were at #londonpride2017 they also advertised in the Daily Mail.…

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RT @Phil_Baty: Your handy reminder that £9k fees simply replaced cuts in direct Govt grants for uni teaching #tuitionfees…

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RT @Ipstenu: Yesterday I didn’t tweet or Facebook.

That might be your experience without #NetNeutrality — you ISP could decide not to let…

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