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@DeFries Thanks very much.

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@ryanhellyer @wptavern Thanks. and thanks for your lovely comment on the article.

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@elsie_m_ @qmacro @madlabuk @hubmum @stevieflow @MiniGirlGeek Wow! Thanks 4 that. With a mentees like @MiniGirlGeek I can’t help myself.

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RT @mwug: WordPress 10th Anniversary Party (with cake) – 27th May

5:15pm May 24 2013 —

RT @youngrewired: V excited that @mikelittlezed1( one founder of WordPress) will be a Saturday judge and give a Friday night talk at #yrs20…

5:12pm May 24 2013 —

@wptavern Thanks!

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@qmacro @madlabuk @hubmum @stevieflow Sorry I wasn’t able to make it 🙁
But I will be mentoring again if I’m wanted.

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I just sync-ed my @gmail account to my @Dropbox via @cloudHQ_net
Happy dance! 5.1GB, 134K conversations, 1st time may take a while!

3:23pm May 23 2013 —

I just re-joined @daytrotter – you should too!

10:10am May 23 2013 —

MWUG May Meetup Notes…

5:45pm May 22 2013 —

I’ve just booked my Ellie Goulding ticket! Very excited! Get yours here: #EllieOnTour

9:09am May 22 2013 —

RT @wpunitedkingdom: WordCamp Lancaster UK 2013 tickets now available #wcuk

10:39am May 21 2013 —

@simonwheatley @simond @tonys Womens shirts were asked for: but I didn’t make the decision. I can’t order one in my size either!

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@simond @tonys Unfortunately the order is already placed. I didn’t make the decision.

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@dangillmor Matt wasn’t the only founder. You need to try harder to illustrate the diff between .com and .org. The piece is confusing.

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RT @sasconference: More love for @mikelittlezed1 RT @_netimperative_ ‘Unsung hero’ WordPress founder Mike Little honoured at SAScon http://…

3:06pm May 20 2013 —

RT @sasconference: How to recognise outstanding contribution in a field of outstanding contributors? We start with @mikelittlezed1 http://t…

1:53pm May 20 2013 —

“Inspiring the next generation of girl geeks” – My TEDx talk… Great talk. Well done Sam!

3:31pm May 17 2013 —

@simonowendesign More keystrokes to remember. I’ve already worn out my left cmd key!

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@abeeken @simond Thanks.

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@simonowendesign Looks interesting. I’ll have a play when I get time.

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@idea15webdesign Poetic license! I’m not in the same class as that great man!

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@davidhawdale Thanks. Send me an email with details and I’ll pass it on.

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@simond @MCRGazette Thanks.

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@cehwitham @mwug Speed Dial 2 Chrome plugin I went pro. It’s great! cc:

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