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@ShaneMcC Yes. Presenting on Sunday in the tech stream on IAS build. Just as soon as I finish the slides 🙁 #wordcampuk

in reply to ShaneMcC — 4:03pm Jul 16 2010 —

Off to the #WordCampUK friday night social in an hour or so. Pizza then pub.

3:54pm Jul 16 2010 —

A few places left for #WordCampUK in #Manchester this weekend

7:47pm Jul 15 2010 —

Last couple of hours to buy #WordCampUK tickets for next weekend! Quick! you’re gonna miss ’em

8:43am Jul 11 2010 —

RT @wordcampuk: All #wordcampuk ticket sales end on tomorrow (Sunday) 11 July 2010 at 1100 (am)

10:49am Jul 10 2010 —

#WordCampUK last few minutes for early bird discount tickets hurry!

9:49pm Jul 4 2010 —

I’m going to #WordCampUK are you? It’s the last few hours for early bird discount tickets

12:42pm Jul 4 2010 —

RT @wordcampuk: Tickets are now available for #wordcampuk 2010

1:44pm Jun 23 2010 —

RT @wordcampuk: Interested in sponsoring #wordcampuk 2010? Find out more

6:43pm Feb 22 2010 —

@LauraKalbag I think we do want to be more organised (a number of things didn’t get done this year) but not too enterprise. #wordcampuk

in reply to laurakalbag — 3:34pm Jul 31 2009 —

@billglover You must have missed this also available as RSS, and tab- or semicolon-separated files #WordCampUK

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RT @mikelittlezed1: Slides posted on slideshare Oops! forgot #wordcampuk

1:09pm Jul 20 2009 —

Wooh. Finally home from #wordcampuk they found us a train at crewe. Set down only not on the t/table

12:02am Jul 20 2009 —

Great weekend! Safely on the train home w/family. Home about 23.45. #wordcampuk

7:20pm Jul 19 2009 —

@realfreshtv Chi-Chi “Hackers” not “crackers”, never crackers #wordhack #wordcampuk

in reply to realfreshtv — 3:23pm Jul 19 2009 —

@realfreshtv Thank you. I enjoyed the meal and the interview. #wordcampuk

in reply to realfreshtv — 3:17pm Jul 19 2009 —

@alisonboyle GPL = GNU General Public License A software licensing philosophy #wordcampuk

in reply to alisonboyle — 11:35am Jul 18 2009 —

@simond try the floor. THe underfloor sockets are active. #wordcampuk

in reply to simond — 10:45am Jul 18 2009 —

Listening to lots and lots of people who are doing interesting things with #wordpress. #wordcampuk

9:18am Jul 18 2009 —

Trying to get some sleep on the train to cardiff #wordcampuk

6:06am Jul 17 2009 —

Woo hoo! The new corporate site is up in time for WordCamp UK #wordcampuk

10:05pm Jul 16 2009 —

@Foomandoonian As it happens, I finally got around to working on my notes today: WP history, going solo, & a couple of projects #wordcampuk

in reply to foomandoonian — 8:07pm Jul 14 2009 —

I have my #wordcampuk 2009 ticket! I’m really looking forward to it. I volunteered to speak again!

8:35pm Apr 10 2009 —