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Imminent: Non-HTTPS Sites Labeled “Not Secure” by Chrome
I’m upgrading all my clients to HTTPS. Check your host.…

5:23pm Jan 17 2017 —

RT @JohnCooper_uk: I’m giving a talk tomorrow at @mwug#Manchester #WordPress users group about how I put my podcast together. Should be…

4:22pm Jan 17 2017 —

RT @ScienceIsVital: Concerned about UK Science post-Brexit? Get your MP on board. Join our campaign:…

3:03pm Jan 16 2017 —

RT @MarDixon: You’re ‘Ordering’ GPs Are You, Mrs May?… via @HuffPostUKPol

8:57am Jan 16 2017 —

RT @thequeertruth: Our community will really feel the effects of ACA repeal. We need to find ways to support each other through this… htt…

2:58pm Jan 14 2017 —

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@thorstenfrommen @swissspidy
Ah. Ok. A joke then. But still in poor taste.

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RT @Stefmara: Raise your hand (retweet) if you (or know someone who) have ever taken birth control for health reasons, & not just to preven…

10:33am Jan 14 2017 —

@swissspidy Wow! Is that an official tutorial? If so, it speaks volumes about the culture.

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RT @reluctant_the: Must read! RT!

8:09am Jan 13 2017 —

RT @34SP: MWUG is a fantastic place to meet WordPress users, experts and obtain genuine friendly advice! Join us there at the first meeting…

8:04am Jan 12 2017 —

RT @realscientists: Before I head off to lunch, I want to tell you why I think #scicomm is now more important than ever.

8:01am Jan 12 2017 —

RT @akibjorklund: Lately I’ve seen too way many simple content-driven websites built with #reactjs. Please stop using the wrong tool for th…

7:59am Jan 12 2017 —

@photomatt Happy birthday! 🎉

4:40pm Jan 11 2017 —

RT @mwug: To help our amazing venue provider MadLab, please fill in this 1 question survey! Every postcode helps 🙂

4:08pm Jan 11 2017 —

January 2017 Meeting: Wednesday 18th, 6.30-9pm, Madlab

5:00pm Jan 10 2017 —

RT @WebDevLaw: 1 December: VATMOSS reform announced
9 January: Section 508 refresh published
10 January: Cookie law reform announced

4:08pm Jan 10 2017 —

RT @madlabuk: Take your site to the next level on our Intermediate WordPress course, led by @WordPress co-founder @mikelittlezed1


4:07pm Jan 10 2017 —

RT @CodeUpSK: Just announced!! #CodeUp #Stockport, 2 weeks time, 23rd January at the @BredburyHub. @mikelittlezed1 is back.…

7:41pm Jan 9 2017 —

RT @BHAhumanists: Our best wishes to Stephen Hawking, who turned 75 yesterday, along with warm thanks for all his vast contributions to hum…

1:58pm Jan 9 2017 —

RT @petyeah: 👋🏻🎤 Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes Speech slams bullies in defense of free press

8:30am Jan 9 2017 —

RT @Lollardfish: .@laurenduca Ever read @wmarybeard “Oh do shut up dear” on 2800 years of silencing women in Western Civ?…

8:24am Jan 9 2017 —

RT @BBCWorld: Meryl Streep just called out @realDonaldTrump at the #goldenglobes

Live: htt…

7:14am Jan 9 2017 —

Check out “Stockport Hackfest 2017”… @EventbriteUK

1:48pm Jan 5 2017 —

RT @carlhancock: Medium tanking. Is anyone really surprised by this? I’m only surprised it hadn’t happened sooner.…

9:08pm Jan 4 2017 —