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3:11pm Jul 15 2015 —

We have Jamie’s graduation ceremony today at @LancasterUni . We’re immensely proud of her first class BA.

11:54am Jul 14 2015 —

RT @MichelleHayTrng: #Oldham_Hour 1st rule of #foodhygiene, once you’ve cooked it, don’t touch it. Spread the word, not germs. #discuss htt…

11:52pm Jul 13 2015 —

RT @HQvoice: Americans, take heed. LEGO guru @SteveInDenmark has confirmed that it is “one LEGO, many LEGO”. Not LEGOs. So stop it, please.…

3:16am Jul 12 2015 —

RT @atxryan: Hey, web devs? Don’t do this. Don’t disable paste on password fields. It discourages strong, generated passwords.…

9:30am Jul 11 2015 —

Mark Jaquith: Ethics & WordPress Development Well worth watching. Thank you @markjaquith. Via @WordPressTV

11:57am Jul 10 2015 —

RT @SiobhanPMcKeown: An Honest Post About the WordPress Community:…

7:23am Jul 9 2015 —

URGENT: Only 24 hours to stop the link tax ambush! Take action now at and #SaveTheLink

6:26pm Jul 8 2015 —

RT @ProPublica: The World Cup gender pay gap: 40x.…

6:15am Jul 8 2015 —

Why we encrypt.…
Encryption is needed to protect your privacy, money, & sometimes peoples lives. Hat tip @photomatt

6:28pm Jul 7 2015 —

RT @wcmcr: Who fancies coming to Wordcamp Manchester this October? We’re busy working behind the scenes. Stay tuned #WordPress #WordcampMan…

2:37pm Jul 7 2015 —

RT @WorthyOnTheWeb: RT @wcmcr is planning to hold a Wordcamp this Autumn. Start following them to make sure you get all the info #WordPress

11:02pm Jul 6 2015 —

RT @dimensionmedia: I firmly believe that the success of WordPress isn’t first in code but the strength and cohesiveness of it’s community …

5:49pm Jul 3 2015 —

RT @Todd_Spence: I found Predator’s sandals.

8:52am Jul 2 2015 —

@simonwheatley @simond Well found. I couldn’t remember if it was public.

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