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RT @KonstantinYelin: A big thank you to all #wcldn organisers & volunteers for a great weekend! See you next year @WordCampLondon 2017 http…

5:39pm Apr 10 2016 —

RT @Ana_Segota: The most inspiring talk by the beautiful @The_Lil_Hulk. So much courage. We can all take and learn something from her. Than…

8:19am Apr 10 2016 —

RT @SurajSodha: @mikelittlezed1 Really pleased to meet you at #wcldn, we built a livelihood and jobs because of WP with @wpmaintain https:/…

6:10pm Apr 9 2016 —

RT @Ana_Segota: Thanks so much for the great & very inspiring talk @The_Lil_Hulk 🙂 #wcldn

4:42pm Apr 9 2016 —

RT @SurajSodha: @The_Lil_Hulk thank you for a great insight into a day in the life of someone with #autism at #wcldn. We should all be doin…

4:41pm Apr 9 2016 —

RT @ifyouwillit: OMGGGG!!!! It’s #wapuu at #wcldn! cc: @marktimemedia

4:40pm Apr 9 2016 —

RT @eblagonic: Talk from @The_Lil_Hulk about #Neurodiversity is a higlight of the day and it could easily be of a conference. Amazing and p…

4:39pm Apr 9 2016 —

RT @eblagonic: My utmost respect @The_Lil_Hulk for walking out on a stage and showing us how to cope with life. Thank you. Don’t stop. #wcl…

4:31pm Apr 9 2016 —

RT @CarmeMiasStudio: @WordCampLondon #wcldn Diversity shouldn’t be seen as statistics, it’s about the community. Thank you @The_Lil_Hulk ht…

3:49pm Apr 9 2016 —

RT @OmarReiss: Common themes at #wcldn today: caring, enabling, supporting, diversity, accessibility. Reminds me of

3:49pm Apr 9 2016 —

1:58pm Apr 9 2016 —

RT @pfunder: Elusive #wapuu sighting at #wcldn. Well done @34SP. Well done.

10:43am Apr 9 2016 —

RT @adspedia: Meeting the #wapuu real-size is always awesome!!! #wcldn

10:40am Apr 9 2016 —

RT @yoast: A picture with a real wapuu, only at #wcldn!

10:40am Apr 9 2016 —

RT @emirpprime: Not sure what other WordCamps do – but a creche, live transcribers & diversity sponsorships seem like a huge inclusivity de…

9:50am Apr 9 2016 —

RT @WordCampLondon: All reserved tickets are now unreserved. Now is as good time as any to get £30 tickets to #wcldn

6:52pm Mar 17 2016 —

RT @WordCampLondon: We’re Calling For Sponsors! Generous friends & WordPress lovers, we can create a magical event with your help:https://t…

2:25pm Jan 13 2016 —

RT @franzvitulli: #wcldn call for sponsors is open. Give back to #WordPress & get your brand exposed in the largest WordCamp in UK.


2:24pm Jan 13 2016 —

RT @WordCampLondon: Call for speakers closes on Friday!… #wcldn #wpldn

12:54pm Dec 16 2014 —

@elliottrichmond I believe the next #wcldn will be early 2015.

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12:14pm Jan 7 2014 —

On my way home after a fantastic #wcldn thanks for all the wonderful and encouraging comments from everyone.

4:18pm Nov 24 2013 —

RT @mkjones: Lasting memories of #WCLDN are @hanni‘s hair and @nacin‘s beard.

10:47am Nov 24 2013 —

Unfair! I’m teetotal and still wake up with a headache after #wcldn party!

10:21am Nov 24 2013 —

RT @miss_jwo: Loving the backs of the staff t shirts #wcldn

9:15am Nov 23 2013 —