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RT @wpnortheast: There’s a WordPress help session in Newcastle next Thursday (11th) – please RT.…

11:38am Feb 5 2016 —

@dgwyer with the wonderful @letsencrypt I’m starting to do this with all sites now.

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RT @MrsDHW: So proud to see this today @ladiesofcode Get your free ticket #GirlsinSTEM #codegirl #coop https://t.c…

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RT @sophiedennis: Coventry Building Society want me to create an online banking password.

By post.

Cue: hysterical laughter…

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RT @GurbirSingh: Fascinating piece on cyber security in US and UK today. Long but very readable from master story teller @doctorow https://…

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RT @GurbirSingh: Today, 125th birth anniversary of Stephen Hector Taylor-Smith India’s forgotten rocketeer. https:/…

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RT @village_ngo: Delighted to say Ghana is not in the list of countries with active Zika virus transmission https:/…

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RT @GurbirSingh: Tomorrow, 125th birth anniversary of Stephen Smith. India’s forgotten rocketeer…

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RT @charlesornstein: Thank you, @bengoldacre Make journals report clinical trials properly…

8:28pm Feb 2 2016 —

@JA606 @Vultr Yes. Or a separate Vultr-Support one that is kept up to date.

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@JA606 Yep my servers too. Alas, within two minutes of me sending an email to a dozen clients! 🙁 @Vultr

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@JA606 Not much of an issue. I tend to use external services for mail or at least set up DKIM/SPF. I try to never have mail on my servers.

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@JA606 I’ve notifications in my control panel & my ticket response said “looking into it”. Nothing since. Looking to switch to DO. @Vultr

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@JA606 @Vultr Yes. I have two servers down and the possibility of another (they just sent an email)

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@Vultr Any news on the current issues. I have had two servers down for an hour!

10:15am Feb 2 2016 —

Send us your nominations for the Tech 100, a list of the coolest people in UK tech via @BIUK_Tech

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