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@ShaneMcC Yes. Presenting on Sunday in the tech stream on IAS build. Just as soon as I finish the slides 🙁 #wordcampuk

in reply to ShaneMcC — 4:03pm Jul 16 2010 —

Off to the #WordCampUK friday night social in an hour or so. Pizza then pub.

3:54pm Jul 16 2010 —

A few places left for #WordCampUK in #Manchester this weekend

7:47pm Jul 15 2010 —

RT @janeforshort: What it really comes down to is that with the GPL, user freedom trumps developer ownership. #thesiswp

3:48pm Jul 15 2010 —

RT @apeatling: Thesis violates the GPL on line 123 of /lib/classes/comments.php: #thesiswp #wordpress

11:14pm Jul 14 2010 —

Last couple of hours to buy #WordCampUK tickets for next weekend! Quick! you’re gonna miss ’em

8:43am Jul 11 2010 —

I liked a YouTube video — Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little : Cardiff July 2009.

2:45am Jul 11 2010 —

@Kalyr Our local council tip has a special section for small electrical items. But if they still work, consider freecycle/freegle

3:08pm Jul 10 2010 —

RT @wordcampuk: All #wordcampuk ticket sales end on tomorrow (Sunday) 11 July 2010 at 1100 (am)

10:49am Jul 10 2010 — … @lesteph …my repulsion is directly proportional to the amount of deception.

10:51am Jul 8 2010 —

@lesteph – I nearly blogged about this. It’s a *lot* of effort to pretend to be personal. My automatic repulsion i

10:38am Jul 8 2010 —

@ShaneMcC They will, but I’m trying to get an IMAP copy of everything, so trying to clear out before hand. My usage is currently 4.2GB

in reply to ShaneMcC — 10:32am Jul 8 2010 —

Trying to delete more than 120,000 emails (don’t ask) from my GMail trash. Keeps failing every 10k or so. #gmail #fail

10:23am Jul 8 2010 —

RT @vaultpress: Billing and Naughty Plugins:

7:06am Jul 8 2010 —

@Kate_Butler ahh! Trying something out for a client. Didn’t think it sent a message 🙁

in reply to Kate_Butler — 9:24pm Jul 7 2010 —

Don’t miss our first tweetUpNORTH event! #tweetupnorth

5:34pm Jul 7 2010 —

Off to #nuxuk in Manchester this evening (talks: user emotions and social networking)

3:39pm Jul 5 2010 —

#WordCampUK last few minutes for early bird discount tickets hurry!

9:49pm Jul 4 2010 —

Hmmm… I made Google Chrome my default browser on Ubuntu weeks ago. @TweetDeck hasn’t noticed. No settings to fix that I can see. #fail

2:28pm Jul 4 2010 —

@janeforshort Looking forward to meeting you there. Manchester, not Denver 🙂

in reply to jenmylo — 2:14pm Jul 4 2010 —

Just signed up for the #VaultPress beta It sounds like an interesting service. More appealing than I at first thought.

2:01pm Jul 4 2010 —

I’m going to #WordCampUK are you? It’s the last few hours for early bird discount tickets

12:42pm Jul 4 2010 —

@AlistairReid intriguing! I’d love to know who by, and in what context…

in reply to AlistairReid — 1:16pm Jul 2 2010 —

@imascientist Alas, I can’t claim credit for that one. 🙂

in reply to imascientist — 1:08pm Jul 2 2010 —