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RT @EmilyGorcenski: Relevant link for ADHD and open offices:… #abstractions

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RT @CodeUpUK: Free & friendly adult coding tuition from #CodeUp #Stockport, 7pm tomorrow @bredburyhub……

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RT @nytimes: When young women are prompted to reflect on their physical appearance, they seem to lose intellectual focus…

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RT @mwug: Thank you for attending our MWUG August Meetup at Madlab

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Thank you for attending our MWUG August Meetup at Madlab

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RT @rboren: “The notion that there is 1 best way to learn, 1 best way 2 experience the world, & 1 best way to be human, is bunk. https://t.…

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RT @sydneypadua: The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage! In paperback in the UK next week!

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RT @johnmaeda: Thanks to Matt and Mike for invitations to grand adventures, and to my dad too. More on him:… https:/…

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RT @kayleighthorpe: Just closed the #34SPGameathon with a big group hug! We hit our target and lasted the full 24 hours! Heroic team! @34SP

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RT @dimensionmedia: “I want my domain and website to be central hub for my content while i live and continue after i die.” @Krogsgard #Word…

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I’ve #justsponsored Siobhan McMinn, who’s fundraising for @Shelter on @JustGiving. Donate now…

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RT @ProfBrianCox: A detailed and understandable account of how raw data make it onto global temperature graphs by @SJvatn…

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RT @roseperson: Stop citing examples of people succeeding despite poverty/racism to argue the system’s not so bad. Some people survived the…

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RT @danjmorris93: #CodeUp #Stockport is on Monday, we have workshops from @dangerworm and @mikelittlezed1! join here:…

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I’ve #justdonated to get Max to America in October to continue his life changing therapies!. Donate on @justgiving…

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RT @rboren: Open source, inclusion, and freedom.

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RT @wcmcr: WordCamp Manchester Ticket Sales Are Now Open…

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RT @CaptainFormWP: #Interview:@mikelittlezed1 talks to us about launching a new plugin and the #WPCommunity https:/…

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@keithage @mwug @GurbirSingh
You’re welcome. Glad to have given you the opportunity for your first public talk. You did well.

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@GurbirSingh @keithage @periscopeco “No longer available”. Hmm… We need to figure out this periscope thing properly.

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.@GurbirSingh on #Periscope: Backup of wordpress sites with @keithage from…

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.@GurbirSingh on #Periscope: Manc User Group Monthly meeting. Live with @mikelittlezed1…

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A fantastic tribute to Prince, his unique abilities, & pioneering spirit: illustrated with some key US POC history

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