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Aaargh! @virginmedia broadband down! Known problem, but doesn’t help me work. Have to break out the 3g dongle.

12:59pm Sep 17 2013 —

@Liz_Azyan thanks for the follow, and thanks for the thanks. 🙂

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RT @finiteattention: I want to be @MiniGirlGeek when I grow up. #WutheringBytes

9:08pm Sep 15 2013 —

RT @sleepyfox: A 14-yr old blogs about the current state of computing education in the UK, I was horrified, and not by his spelling! http:/…

9:06pm Sep 15 2013 —

@amcewen those were 404’s from when it used to be a WordPress site!

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@MiniGirlGeek sorry! Had to catch my train. Your talk was awesome! See you soon.

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RT @Owenradford: #WutheringBytes Early contender for quote of the weekend: “ICT is kinda computing gone wrong” –@MiniGirlGeek

11:49am Sep 14 2013 —

#WutheringBytes @MiniGirlGeek now encouraging people to be STEM ambassadors in school.

9:29am Sep 14 2013 —

#WutheringBytes Amy @MiniGirlGeek talking about what’s wrong with stereotypes. Very important.

9:23am Sep 14 2013 —

#WutheringBytes Hebden Bridge town hall is a lovely place! Just waiting for the first speaker.

8:36am Sep 14 2013 —

Just on the train for the 1st leg to @wutheringbytes

6:42am Sep 14 2013 —

RT @madlabuk: Beginning WordPress with WP co-founder @mikelittlezed1 starts next Thursday. Couple of places left – sign up here…

3:43pm Sep 13 2013 —

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RT @teenage_market: @GMChamberLPM Stockport creative businesses @teenage_market @mikelittlezed1 working together on new digital portal htt…

9:49am Sep 10 2013 —

RT @teenage_market: We’re excited that our new online portal is being developed by WordPress co-founder @mikelittlezed1 so other towns can …

7:37am Sep 10 2013 —

I’m speaking at Wuthering Bytes next Saturday…

3:12pm Sep 8 2013 —

Code For The People: How Media Explorer Was Made via @WordPressVIP

9:31pm Sep 7 2013 —

@Tarendai was going to put something together on security, but if you want to do something let me know.

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