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Apparently, Facebook is now a thing for me! 63 new friends since #WCEU. More than a third of my total. Pity I hate the interface!

11:54pm Jul 4 2016 —

Must watch! Morten Rand-Hendriksen: Empathy and Acceptance in Design and Community… via @WordPressTV

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Must watch! Caspar Hübinger: “Caring is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen anyone do.”—Thoughts on WordPress Pl……

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RT @HeforShe: ‘Why I Feel The Most Misgendered In My Body During The Summer’ #HeForShe…

9:06pm Jul 4 2016 —

RT @MacManX: Why the new child rape case filed against Donald Trump should not be ignored:…

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RT @SiobhyB: “I’d like to appeal to you to make the world a better place with WordPress.” Inspiring words from @mikelittlezed1. https://t.c…

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RT @WCEurope: Help us make #wceu 2017 better. Fill out this short survey, tell us how you feel everything went. Thank you!…

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RT @village_ngo: Air cadets fully loaded with breakfast and ready to go. First Job is to start the construction works to build a ne… https…

9:38am Jul 3 2016 —

@dimensionmedia @perezbox ROI is students considering science career/engaged w/science, teachers feedback, scientists communicating better

in reply to mikelittlezed1 — 11:32pm Jul 2 2016 —

@dimensionmedia @perezbox I have a client who’s main sponsor spends 6 figures on an educational online science event. 1/2

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@dimensionmedia @perezbox ROI can be purely about brand recognition, speaking to customers, just being seen to support the community, etc.

in reply to mikelittlezed1 — 11:28pm Jul 2 2016 —

@dimensionmedia @perezbox @kikodoran @jeffr0 Yes, if you think less about monetary ROI, then it’s easier to stay within the spirit.

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@perezbox @dimensionmedia @kikodoran @jeffr0 Or it may be, mentor a first time speaker (as they did at London).

in reply to mikelittlezed1 — 11:12pm Jul 2 2016 —

@perezbox @dimensionmedia @kikodoran @jeffr0 No. So supporting the community may be “send/allow a couple of staff to volunteer/talk”.

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@dimensionmedia @perezbox @kikodoran @jeffr0 2/2. It becomes a question of “do we want to support this community event?”

in reply to mikelittlezed1 — 7:42pm Jul 2 2016 —

@dimensionmedia @perezbox @kikodoran @jeffr0 if you switch ‘sponsor’ with ‘supporter’, the spirit is met & no one has to worry about ROI 1/2

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RT @jackseale: Strong Theresa May letter in The Guardian

4:38pm Jul 2 2016 —

RT @missamandafoley: Well, here’s the horribly depressing LGBT & human rights voting record of our probable new PM, Theresa May. 😡😔😑 https:…

4:34pm Jul 2 2016 —

RT @MediaGuido: READ IN FULL: Article Pulled By @Telegraph After Pressure From Theresa May Campaign……

4:33pm Jul 2 2016 —

RT @JonEForeman: Daily Telegraph pulled my comment piece on Theresa May ministerial record after contact from her people #censorship

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RT @mariusvetrici: 2 years ago, at #WCEU in Sofia @miss_jwo put us on the right track with @wprobu Today we’ll have meeting #21 😉 https://…

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