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RT @jkbibliophile: Delete your period tracking apps today.

7:50pm Jun 24 2022 —

RT @Humanists_UK: This judgment is likely to galvanise anti-choice activists in many countries and strengthen calls for further restriction…

7:49pm Jun 24 2022 —

RT @theAliceRoberts: We’ve seen so many advances in human rights over the last two centuries.
But today is a dark day for women’s rights.…

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@allie_nimmons A belated Happy Birthday, Allie. 🎉❤

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RT @radiothechis: @imshanereaction It seems impressive until you consider that if everyone who streamed it had bought a download, Kate woul…

10:21am Jun 19 2022 —

@johnofhousejohn Yep. Though surprisingly not for as long as some.

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RT @WebDevLaw: New personal post:
Pop-ups are dead, long live pop-ups: or, the bait-and-switch hidden in today’s cookie announcement

9:16pm Jun 17 2022 —

RT @altisdxp: Almost a year after their initial rollout, Google’s #CoreWebVitals remain the metrics to meet for better SEO and #DigitalExpe…

7:04pm Jun 16 2022 —

Heather Burns (@WebDevLaw) really sums up well the terrible privacy losses we can expect next from this government…

9:14pm Jun 14 2022 —

RT @AWATEMUSIC: When I moved to the UK as a political refugee in 1993, adults and children (often in the openly violent, fascist National F…

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RT @humanmadeltd: Well, that’s a wrap for #HMretreat22! 3 years & 4 months since we all last met up, we finally managed to bring 67 #remote…

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Congrats @AdamRutherford on becoming the new President of @Humanists_UK 👏👏 Another great appointment following…

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RT @musicndeafness: Call for participants! @AngelikiMourge1 looking for ppl aged 18-70 with mild hearing loss to take part in study evaluat…

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RT @hflf: I believe a privacy policy should be accessible, readable and not full of jargon, this is how I write them. What holds you back f…

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RT @dimensionmedia: Big thanks to both #WordPress co-founders @mikelittlezed1 @photomatt for giving thoughts for O…

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RT @jessicalyschik: I’m looking for a new job, so I wrote this blog post with some more details:…

It covers what ha…

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@JoeSimpsonJr @photomatt Thanks Joe.
I love that people have gotten so much more out of WordPress than “just” a we…

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RT @JoeSimpsonJr: – A personal thanks to @mikelittlezed1 and @photomatt for creating WordPress 19 years ago. Who knew that a blog inherited…

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🎉 I just voted on a @JoinKwanda proposal to build two Moringa processing plants in 🇰🇪 Kenya.

9:45am Jun 1 2022 —

@photomatt @mhmazur Wait! What! I’m still in the top 50?

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@allie_nimmons Haha! 😂. Of course. Beautiful tattoo. Beautiful attitude. ❤

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@2ndKauBoy @wp19day Everyone is awesome 🌈

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RT @iamwinstina: @tomwillmot @mikelittlezed1 @photomatt So true Tom! They have.✨🎊 Thank you Mike and Matt!!

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RT @noopkat: as a user I want you to stop splitting your login form into a two step process

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RT @JoeSimpsonJr: Live long and prosper @WordPress! Happy #wp19day from the @WordPressSCV Community.

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