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Want some ad-free quality journalism about Greater Manchester and it’s people? The Mill is being crowdfunded and th…

4:51pm Sep 26 2020 —

RT @GurbirSingh: Looking forward to the Winter of 2020? Here’s a suggestion.
I will be running 5 courses on science, space & yes #Covid-19…

2:52pm Sep 21 2020 —

RT @GurbirSingh: Looking forward to the Winter of 2020? Here’s a suggestion.
I will be running 5 courses on science, space & yes #Covid-19…

11:50pm Sep 20 2020 —

RT @LouMycroft: This has blown up over on my FB, I don’t know how best to reproduce it here but it’s worth a read. Women don’t know this st…

11:49pm Sep 20 2020 —

RT @mwug: A reminder: tonight’s MWUG is cancelled. Instead we’d love you to join either the Portsmouth meetup or th…

3:31pm Sep 16 2020 —

I just uploaded “How to turn off comments in WordPress” to #Vimeo:

4:00pm Sep 14 2020 —

September 2020 MWUG cancelled

2:48pm Sep 11 2020 —

What Black Lives Matter means to an 11-year-old via @YouTube

10:07am Sep 7 2020 —

👉🏿I’ve just made my contribution to Kwanda. Doing my part for the black community! #Kwanda

9:33pm Sep 6 2020 —

RT @GurbirSingh: A livecast with a difference with contributions from members of the Black community including @mikelittlezed1. The discuss…

1:29pm Sep 6 2020 —

RT @helenczerski: Wow. In a very bad way.

7:32pm Aug 31 2020 —

RT @Nigella_Lawson: A still small voice of calm…

9:20pm Aug 30 2020 —

Proud to have taken part in the Rebooted Genesis Community Livecast talking about the contributions members of the…

5:22pm Aug 25 2020 —

RT @wpengine: After a brief hiatus, the Genesis Community Livecast is set to reboot next week with WordPress co-creator @mikelittlezed1!


3:13pm Aug 25 2020 —

@StarFire2258 Sean, Matt Mullenweg is the co-founding developer of WordPress.
Can you correct your article, please.

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RT @studiopress: Join us next Tuesday for an interview with WordPress co-creator @mikelittlezed1 and Genesis community leaders @TheCre8tive…

5:02pm Aug 20 2020 —

RT @studiopress: We’re rebooting the #GenesisWP Community Livecast! Join us next Tuesday, August 25th, for an interview with WordPress co-c…

7:14am Aug 19 2020 —

August 2020 Meeting: Wednesday 19th, 6pm-8pm, Online

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RT @Nadine_Writes: Jamaica’s high court has ruled that a school was within its rights to demand that a girl cut her dreadlocks to attend cl…

4:17pm Aug 2 2020 —

@Tarendai I’ve figured it out. The wptobuffer plugin was set to repost on update! And I updated the markup. Turned off now.

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Buffer is being weird. Again with the five year old post!

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WordPress news roundup #2

4:43pm Jul 30 2020 —

Join in so Mark Zuckerberg hears us loud & clear: it’s time to #StopHateForProfit on @Facebook and act against hate…

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