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RT @wpengine: We’re excited to have @mikelittlezed1, co-founder of WordPress, virtually speak at #WPEDecode this year!

He’ll share what ha…

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@mcorucu @wpmark No. Don’t do that. You are creating accessibility problems for people. And CAPTCHAs are crackable (automated or manual).

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RT @gosuperdonnie: Hi, I’m an autistic adult who’s also a Lucille Packard Children’s/Stanford peds neuro “alum.” Autistic people don’t want…

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@palencas @DisneyPlusUK My theory…

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@georgieL_T @disneyplus My theory…

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@Trev71_MUFC @disneyplus

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@DisneyPlusUK Your robust parental controls are already broken. I presume that is what has taken Agents of Shield a…

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RT @GurbirSingh: Starting on 22 Feb (09:45-11:45 every Monday) four Zoom presentations (#Mars, Yuri #Gagarin #seti, and UK Space Programme)…

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RT @GurbirSingh: My two hour ZOOM presentation with @WEAadulted ALL about #Mars is scheduled for 22 Feb Mon at 09:45 join here. https://t.c…

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RT @Lucy_Webster_: Disabled people look away now, the following tweet involves some really hurtful #ableism. Non-disabled people, I don’t r…

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40% of the web uses WordPress –… via @W3Techs

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RT @LizWebsterLD: Fascinating @guardian interview with Stanley Johnson from 2012.

Clip 👇 and full interview here

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RT @ByDonkeys: 100,000 dead

Boris Johnson says: “We did everything we could.”

No, he didn’t

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@wpmark As many have pointed out, no. Not for many, many years. I use composer for WordPress & off the shelf…

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RT @allie_nimmons: Why are we still making these popularity contests lists? 4/15 women. 0 black developers.

I guess these lists help expo…

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RT @helenhousandi: Still pinching myself that I, a teenage burnout and then classical musician, helped launch the new…

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RT @humanmadeltd: As a #remotefirst organisation, we’re well prepared for #workingfromhome, but how do you turn an in-person week-long retr…

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RT @DaphneRomneyQC: Which idiot is responsible for this latest cockup? Just recently we had the nonsense with Oscar Pistorius and now Phil…

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MWUG postponed until further notice

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IOPC: Justice for Mohamud Mohammed Hussan – Sign the Petition! via @UKChange

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@photomatt Happy birthday Matt 🎉

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Thanks for the reminder @SYFY , I need to find my old DVDs.

Torchwood is essential queer television masquerading a…

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RT @johnbillion: I’ve written and deleted a dozen Brexit tweets tonight but the words feel futile. I need a thousand words but I have the e…

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