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RT @mattwaldram: This article about “bumbling” men suggests that the whole “can’t see it” angle is bullshit:…

11:06am Nov 19 2017 —

RT @humanmadeltd: Why did we spend a company-paid working day treating our loved ones? 🎈

10:34am Nov 19 2017 —

RT @S_cientificos: Y #GraciasMuchachos a todo el equipo técnico allá en Reino Unido:


8:27pm Nov 17 2017 —

RT @lizthegrey: It’s been 11 days. None of the community harm from the racism/transphobia/sexism, nor the reputational damage to @RealSexyC…

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RT @gourmetgigs: Cakes, a spirited debate on #wordpresschanges with @mkjones, and thanks @mikelittlezed1 for some invaluable help. A fun ev…

9:34am Nov 17 2017 —

RT @ChukaUmunna: Article 50 is revocable and, as the the former German Finance Minister (now Speaker of their parliament), Wolfgang Schäubl…

8:19am Nov 16 2017 —

RT @hflf: Very lively and spirited conversation tonight @mwug with our speaker @mkjones about #Gutenberg #WordPress

10:19pm Nov 15 2017 —

RT @StephenMullen: Very interesting and heated debate about the new WordPress editor Gutenberg at tonights Manchester WordPress User Group…

10:19pm Nov 15 2017 —

RT @SiobhanLHancock: Quite the debate @MWUG tonight. Thank you @makedoers for coming, it’s been a great night 😁

10:19pm Nov 15 2017 —

@wpldn Ah! Someone asked at our meetup and I brought it up on the projector. But the location is below the fold so we didn’t see it. 😒

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@wpldn It’s not obvious from your meetup page or your website where you hold your meetings!

6:18pm Nov 15 2017 —

RT @ardacadmaths: Some more pics from “I’m an engineer get me out of here” – a great initiative from @IAEGMOOH
Our partners from @BOOTHWE…

11:43am Nov 15 2017 —

RT @MichelleAReeve: Middle of week 2 moderating for @imascientist & I’m still amazed by some kids’ questions & insight. Wish we’d had this…

11:38am Nov 15 2017 —

RT @cindygallop: “Let that sink in. The all-male Justice League team rejected already finished costumes to redesign and remake the armor so…

3:03pm Nov 14 2017 —

RT @imascientist: ‘What a cracking question!’ Imaginative question from a student in @SfAMtweets @wellcometrust Microbiology Zone. The scie…

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RT @anorthern_soul: @madlabuk @mikelittlezed1 great intro to @Wordpress and fantastic teacher, really enjoyed the course. Intermediate lev…

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@schestowitz @obra @emilygmonster @RealSexyCyborg Actually Roy, your sentence is the very definition of victim blam…

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RT @VicNightfall: Bored…
Retweet this and I’ll sketch your avatar.

6:44am Nov 9 2017 —

BBC News – Stop-and-search: A BBC reporter’s own experience…

1:01am Nov 8 2017 —

RT @Alby: “Someone is using YouTube to systematically frighten, traumatise and abuse children, automatically and at scale.”…

8:35pm Nov 7 2017 —

RT @seanjonesqc: Surprise, surprise. Boris Johnson is not going to take responsibility for the consequences of his own words.…

12:12am Nov 7 2017 —

RT @madlabuk: Build your first website w/ @WordPress course this Thursday and Friday with co-founder @mikelittlezed1…

10:36am Nov 6 2017 —

RT @BobJWilliams: Here’s the moment Jo Brand had to explain to the #HIGNFY panel that they should take sexual harassment seriously.

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