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@Ipstenu @trepmal Excellent! I updated the comments a little. Not bad for 3am, but need to sleep now. G’night.

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RT @Rocket_Woman1: At 6, I read #HelenSharman was UK’s 1st astronaut. That moment changed my life, #TimPeake https:…

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RT @tomwillmot: A record 471 contributors total, proud we were able to play our part.

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Don’t forget to RSVP if you are coming to @MWUG’s xmas meeting

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We need your voice to #SaveTheLink. Speak directly to EU decision-makers using our tool today: (via @OpenMediaOrg)

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RT @GaryJ: “[I]f the JavaScript fails, a website should continue to perform it’s fundamental role” –… via @mikelitt…

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RT @AstralAudio: @mikelittlezed1 More of this. As a blind person (and user of WordPress), you hit the nail on the head.

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Some more Thoughts on Progressive Enhancement and Accessibility in the comments.… via @mikelittlezed1

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RT @village_ngo: The senior Ghana Team

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RT @secvalve: To every girl in Infosec who tells me they’re “not good enough” to present: YOU ARE.

You are not an imposter. You deserve it…

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RT @IAAPOrg: #Accessibility in the News! A glove that translates sign language into speech

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RT @toddmparker: Server-side rendering is not a fallback; client-side rendering is an enhancement. @adactio changing mindsets…

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RT @sydneypadua: Gooood morning and Happy 200th Ada Lovelace! Have a gif!

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RT @xHollywoodCourt: White Privilege explained:

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That thing when the cable remote also controls the new Christmas tree lights! ?

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RT @M1ke: A year ago government claimed it’s possible to learn to code in a day; now it’s a sign of criminality?!

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MWUG’s xmas party kindly sponsored by @34SP

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December Meeting: Wednesday 16th, 6.30-9pm, Madlab…

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RT @elsie_m_: Astounded & proud that @MiniGirlGeek is included in the @thetimes ‘superteen power list’ today!

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RT @madlabuk: WordPress courses for all levels starting again Feb 2016. Book now to secure your place!…

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RT @Independent: Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat 60 years ago today

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