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@twitpic is closing down. I exported my images and added them to my own twitter archive #ownyourowncontent

4:00pm Oct 24 2014 —

W00t! I now have an office again. It’s only been 6 months. Furniture assembling tomorrow.


4:07pm Oct 3 2011 —

@tomjohnson my android 2.2 does. Hold ‘back’ >1 sec, and press home.


in reply to tomjohnson — 8:20pm Mar 8 2011 —

@tomjohnson my android 2.2 does. Hold ‘back’ >1 sec, and press home.


in reply to tomjohnson — 8:19pm Mar 8 2011 —

A client’s momentary click through rate (CTR)! Amazing what a little TV exposure can do for you. And no, it wasn’t


4:00pm Feb 9 2011 —

@tweetdeck oops! Time calculation a little broken.


1:04am Jan 1 2011 — … @lesteph …my repulsion is directly proportional to the amount of deception.

10:51am Jul 8 2010 —

@lesteph – I nearly blogged about this. It’s a *lot* of effort to pretend to be personal. My automatic repulsion i

10:38am Jul 8 2010 — – Should I be panicking now? -18? This site must be wrong


10:13am Dec 22 2009 — – Twitter FAIL! Four-letter top level domains. Who’d a thunk it!


2:50pm Dec 3 2009 —

Woah! What kind of weird-ass kerning is this? I’ve not seen vertical shift b4. It’s the default font in TweetDeck.


9:55pm Aug 26 2009 —

@calmbanana Are you logged in as admin?


in reply to rachaelfurn — 10:16pm Jul 29 2009 —

Got some good photos of Torchwood crew arriving in Cardiff bay by Helicopter.


4:48pm Jul 17 2009 — – Forgot to mention, it then sends you to

12:46pm Apr 8 2009 —

Red Nose Day site Flash fail! I do have Flash 9 installed. But I am running Ubuntu #rednoseday2009


11:47am Mar 13 2009 — – Screenshot from clicking on the “Accessibility / Usability” link on this page FAI …


11:54am Feb 3 2009 —