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@rhyswynne Some one gave us (dev team) a ripped off copy of version 4. Two weeks later we made the boss buy us all…

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@rhyswynne I still use Lugaru’s Epsilon editor every working day (it’s an Emacs clone). I first used it in 1990!

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Seriously @AfricanBChamber do you need an all whyte panel for this?
“representing African owned businesses and entr…

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@hellofromTonya Congratulations, Tonya! I know the WordPress project has benefited from your presence both as a dev…

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@allie_nimmons 🤗❤

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RT @BlondeHistorian: We all want safer roads for pedestrians 🚦🚶

The new highway code is positive for pedestrians.

But what is it like cro…

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RT @Constababble: If we only talk about “getting girls interested in STEM careers” but we don’t address the bullying, sexual assault, and m…

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RT @BootstrapCook: Woke up this morning and realised I couldn’t procrastinate my food shop for a day longer, and decided it was time – thre…

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RT @stephenwhittle: Another very good contribution from Jane Fae – read & digest, this weeks homework for those trans folk & allies wanting…

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@metalandcoffee_ 😍👏🏽

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RT @allie_nimmons: Thank you @WCEurope. This was a fantastic thing to start my week to. I wish you all the best and I know that this event…

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RT @allie_nimmons: If you are black and were at any point asked to volunteer on the WordCamp Europe organizing team, please reply to this t…

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@dayoneapp I’ve just been looking at reviews of it and thought I saw that there was a web interface in one review.…

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RT @FrancescaMarano: Feminism must be intersectional and should include ALL women. Pass it on.

8:56pm Feb 3 2022 —

“Meritocracy is a dystopia”
Yes. All of this……

1:06pm Feb 3 2022 —

RT @theAliceRoberts: 534 COVID deaths reported today. And yet some people are saying that it’s just like a cold.

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RT @WebDevLaw: ‘Scuse me while I whip this out.

New personal post: Why the UK’s heavy-handed, surveillance-mad, and authoritarian #OnlineS…

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RT @altisdxp: Build your website on a #CMS that nurtures your ability scale, rather than limiting it. @AtomicSmash joins us in sharing more…

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@dayoneapp does the android version support templates? How about the web interface?

11:32pm Feb 1 2022 —