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@topher1kenobe Even within the UK, words can be different. Scotland has sheriffs in court whereas England doesn’t have that office.

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@topher1kenobe There are also a few significant differences in the meaning of words and other things. US pavement v…

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@apeatling @raanan I’ve been happy with @pocketcasts, too. I switch between the android app, desktop app, and web site seamlessly.

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RT @tdobson: Twitter, can you help?

I’m thinking of becoming a Junior Developer specialised in WordPress/WooCommerce but I’m not so sure w…

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RT @ivegotthepower: @thhamilton Yeah and as usual this line does not apply to any person of colour, of course

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RT @KennyEvil: @thhamilton They’re actively telling people that they’re right not to trust the police while making it clear they plan on do…

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RT @thhamilton: How have the police managed to get themselves into a situation where their line is: if a police officer tries to arrest you…

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RT @Lucyvfreeman: Wait a minute. Not only do we have to carry our keys in our hands, learn self-defence, park under lights, not drink too m…

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RT @womeninforensic: All women know they are prey – and that no one with any authority seems to care | Marina Hyde: Despite the horrifying…

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Happy birthday to Mensa. I joined in 1983, so I’ve been with you just over half that time. 🎉

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