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RT @johnregehr: BBC has a nice article about Katie Bouman and Hacker News is…. going through the git repos seeing if she actually did the…

7:19am Apr 13 2019 —

RT @miss_jwo: #HMGoes to #afrotechfest!!!!

We have @mikelittlezed1, @OnyekaAg & myself hanging out from @humanmadeltd.

Love to meet you…

7:05pm Apr 12 2019 —

@afrotechfest is there an official/preferred hashtag we should all use?

5:02pm Apr 12 2019 —

An important piece. We need to remember this, especially for underrepresented groups.

11:22am Apr 12 2019 —

RT @WPandUP: Nearly 500 submissions in the first 10 days 🙌

Amazing 🙏 but we need a lot more to truly represent the #WordPress community


11:09pm Apr 11 2019 —

RT @MIT_CSAIL: Left: MIT computer scientist Katie Bouman w/stacks of hard drives of black hole image data.

Right: MIT computer scientist…

11:08pm Apr 11 2019 —

RT @GurbirSingh: On the 58th anniversary of his spaceflight 12 April 2019, the story of Yuri Gagarin’s 5 days in England. Ebook – “Yuri Gag…

7:52pm Apr 11 2019 —

RT @TamyEmmaPepin: Congratulations to Katie Bouman to whom we owe the first photograph of a black hole ever. Not seeing her name circulate…

7:51pm Apr 11 2019 —

Oh yes. This. My whole life.

BBC News – ‘There are always empty seats beside me’…

1:07am Apr 11 2019 —

RT @imascientist: Bring your classroom alive with I’m a Scientist this June. Register your interest now for #IASUK

12:52am Apr 11 2019 —

I watched Ed speak at #aphantasiaconf
and it was fascinating to hear his story.

BBC News – Aphantasia: Ex-Pixar ch…

12:48am Apr 11 2019 —

RT @Humanists_UK: There’s 650 MPs in the HOC and only 427 seats. All sittings begin with prayers. MPs who attend prayers are more able to g…

8:16pm Apr 9 2019 —

RT @markjaquith: I understand that bloggers using Pipdig themes for WordPress might want to switch away, but don’t have the time, money, or…

11:16am Apr 9 2019 —

RT @WebDevLaw: They’re discussing the Singularity in Parliament. It’s going to be a long week folks.

8:44am Apr 9 2019 —

RT @e_Residents: #Estonia and the #UK have been good friends for more than 100 years. Here’s why our #digital doors will always be open to…

8:42am Apr 9 2019 —

RT @WebDevLaw: It’s been interesting, over the past week, to hear myself discussed in the context of other issues raised by @CaroleOlinger

11:54am Apr 6 2019 —

Just getting started on the second day of #aphantasiaconf
It’s been great so far. Already heard and seen some inspiring things.

9:08am Apr 6 2019 —

RT @tkeyuk: Awesome sight! B747 and A380 landing @manairport via @YouTube

7:24am Apr 6 2019 —

RT @CarrieGrant1: Happy World Autism Awareness Day 2019. To all the fabulous autistic girls and women and their families – let’s raise our…

10:02pm Apr 2 2019 —

@mslavco @johnbillion Please check their feature list: “For very dangerous threats, VaultPress will automatically f…

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RT @johnbillion: I wrote a short blog post: The Unprofessional Web.…

9:31am Apr 2 2019 —

@wp_acf Pro for me. When I was first tried ACF, I immediately bought all the add-ons. I had no immediate use for th…

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RT @maxypan_: OKAY! so, in England the prescription charge is increasing from today to £9 per item. if you have no financial or medical exe…

8:27am Apr 2 2019 —

@CaroleOlinger I’m sending virtual hugs and true love to you. I wrote more in your comments Stay strong. X

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RT @CaroleOlinger: Writing this blog post was very dear to my heart but it’s also the most difficult I’ve ever written: it’s about time for…

8:18pm Apr 1 2019 —