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RT @Andrew_Adonis: Why was Farage on @BBCr4today as ex ex leader of a party at 2% in the polls that just lost almost all its council seats,…

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RT @Ipstenu: I’m pushing the #Sense8Finale hard because I want more shows like this. I want more diversity, more creative storytelling, and…

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@incendiebruyere I just might do that. I know John. He spoke at our meet-up.

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Doh! I meant to say it’s not supposed to be ‘opt out’.

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No @MENnewsdesk, you can’t automatically tick more than 260 opt-in checkboxes! It’s supposed to be “opt-out” and it…

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RT @ladiesgetpaid: #LadiesGetPaid was sued by a group of men for gender-discrimination. Contribute to our crowdfunding campaign to keep us…

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RT @MacManX: Build your own @WordPress #Pride flag:

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RT @majortimspace: We had a great time running our drop-in ‘build your own balloon car’ workshops and a quiz at Techniquest Glyndwr’s ( @my…

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This is Charlie’s Journey with Infantile Scoliosis
Please LIKE and share info…

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June 2018 Meeting: Wednesday 20th, 6.30-9pm, Madlab

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RT @abrightclearweb: The Amazing Disappearing & Reappearing Website Phone Numbers!…

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RT @CarolineLucas: Can’t find another way to say this really, but this Government is really taking the piss – and treating the British peop…

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RT @gitlabstatus: In order to better guarantee availability, we have applied a 10 GB limit on projects imported from

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RT @bekathwia: Since her Patreon was shut down, I’ve re-setup my recurring support for @RealSexyCyborg on @Tipeee_Officiel:…

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@rpb_reno @evanderburg @allaboutclait @gitlab No need, You can use the official @gitlab service over at…

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RT @evanderburg: Microsoft Is Said to Have Agreed to Acquire Coding Site GitHub

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@evanderburg @allaboutclait So glad I’ve have my own @gitlab set up.

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RT @fawfulfan: Believe it or not, Trump’s insane proclamation that he will keep tariffs in place until there are no more Mercedes on Fifth…

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RT @WordCampBTN: We believe that *anyone* who has an interest in #WordPress should be able to attend a #WordCamp, which is why we’re offeri…

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