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RT @DeFries: The WordPress Project and its wonderful community is 15 years old today.

I’ve been part of it for 14 years now and I wouldn’…

6:59pm May 27 2018 —

RT @Ipstenu: @mikelittlezed1 @lezwatchtv Happy birth of WP Day, co-dad of WP – without you, this wouldn’t be possible.

5:26pm May 27 2018 —

RT @CoachBirgit: We are celebrating the #WP15 with a BBQ. Thanks @photomatt and @mikelittlezed1 for birthing #WordPress 15 years ago! https…

5:26pm May 27 2018 —

RT @jdevalk: 15 years of #WordPress, the platform that has given me so much. Thanks @photomatt, @mikelittlezed1 and EVERYONE else involved.…

5:26pm May 27 2018 —

@mor10 By the way it’s 30% of the top 10 million sites.

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RT @majortimspace: We had a great time at Techniquest Glyndwr’s ( @myTQG ) Fun Day yesterday!
Lots of young people engaged with STEM and en…

5:15pm May 27 2018 —

@lezwatchtv @Ipstenu Happy birthday Mika. ♥️🏳️‍🌈

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RT @lezwatchtv: Everyone say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mika! 🎂🏳️‍🌈🎈🎉👏🏽 -T

5:08pm May 27 2018 —

@wpengine Thanks for the name check! 😒

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RT @MEActNetUK: A good #BankHolidayWeekend watch: video by @JessicaOOTC.

On the PACE Trial.

Engaging take on such a difficult & complex…

4:41pm May 27 2018 —

RT @joemcgill: Our pal, @mikelittlezed1 had to one-up everyone and take the company record at 15yrs + 4 months. 👑

4:16pm May 27 2018 —

RT @humanmadeltd: Happy 15th Birthday, WordPress!

To celebrate, we asked everyone at Human Made how long they’d been working with WordPre…

4:16pm May 27 2018 —

RT @simond: Where else to celebrate @WordPress‘s 15th birthday than at a @wordcamp – and @WCBelfast, my ‘home’ event at that! #wp15 https:/…

2:00pm May 27 2018 —

RT @Thayer: To those who think I’m a drama queen: I’m happy for you to label me as you wish. Until women (& and other marginalised groups)…

1:57pm May 27 2018 —

RT @roytanck: Congratulations to @mikelittlezed1, @photomatt and the entire community on the 15th birthday of #WordPress! Happy to have bee…

1:55pm May 27 2018 —

RT @pitbop: This is exactly where that refusing to sell wedding cakes bullshit was always heading.

12:00pm May 27 2018 —

@WCBelfast @photomatt I hope you enjoy your day.
If someone can save me some #WP15 swag, that would be great.

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@WCBelfast Hey. How your enjoy the day.
If someone would like to save me some #wp15 swag, that would be awesome.

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RT @WooCommerce: Today, we’re joining open-source enthusiasts from all over the world in celebrating the 15th anniversary of WordPress. Woo…

11:45am May 27 2018 —

A chat with the co-founder of WordPress

11:27am May 27 2018 —

RT @soderlind: @photomatt Congrats @photomatt, I remember the first time. I was playing with b2 and saw there was a branch called #WordPres…

10:18am May 27 2018 —

10:18am May 27 2018 —

RT @madlabuk: Wanting to boost your WordPress game? Who better than WordPress co-founder @mikelittlezed1 to show you how it’s done?! Join M…

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RT @WCBelfast: #WP15 15 years ago today the first version of #WordPress was released. It now powers 30% of all websites. There’s little els…

8:12am May 27 2018 —

RT @americnhumanist: We are honored to receive this message from @Humanists_UK & UK’s All Party Parliamentary Humanist Group congratulating…

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