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RT @UoMEngage: “Adventures in I¹m A Scientist, Get Me Out of Here!” In this #EngageMatters blog post PhD scientist @NatashaMyhill shares h…

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RT @Humanists_UK: That is absolutely 100% wrong. A humanist is a non-religious person who lives their life adhering to reason, empathy, and…

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@coolfields No snow in Stockport this morning, but not sure about Man/c! See you later.

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Don’t forget tomorrow’s #Manchester #WordPress meeting has a talk on accessibility from the wonderful Graham Armfie…

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RT @majortimspace: On this day 2 years ago…..…

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RT @imascientist: Science people: Looking for something to do this @ScienceWeekUK? Take part in online STEM outreach in #IASUK, 5-16 March!…

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RT @humanmadeltd: Join us in welcoming @thorstenfrommen to Human Made as a Senior WordPress Engineer! 👏🤩…

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RT @Humanists_UK: Education experts: keep the cap
Academics: keep the cap
School leaders: keep the cap
67% of Catholics: keep the cap
80% o…

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RT @caitlinmoran: “Stop putting pussies in the blender!”: FANTASTIC piece on sexual consent, inspired by the Aziz Ansari pile-on, by @jame…

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RT @imascientist: We could have run twice as many zones last year and still not had space for all the classes wanting to take part https://…

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RT @madlabuk: Our Intermediate WordPress course w/ @mikelittlezed1 will help you take your site to the next level…

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RT @majortimspace: Another great day at @takepARTVC yesterday!
We had an amazing weekend with lots of enthusiastic people of all ages enjoy…

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RT @rachelmccollin: The countdown continues…..

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RT @beadmomsw: RIP my darling boy. It’s been 5 years.
If you do one thing today, honor Aaron’s memory by calling your Senators and Repres…

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Oprah helped create our American fantasyland via decades of pseudoscience promotion:… via @slate

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RT @Humanists_UK: We’ve urged the Government to go further with its new animal welfare law plans by finally closing the loophole that lets…

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RT @imascientist: From the blog-
Q: Could hundreds of school students use I’m a Scientist to help design and carry out a citizen science…

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@photomatt Happy birthday Matt! Hope you have a good day.

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RT @Humanists_UK: The Guardian writes up our concerns about Damian Hinds. His office previously took donations from the Catholic Church, an…

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RT @octothorpe: holy fuck, people. 60+ serialised tweets are a terrible, unusable, unreadable mess. Put that shit on your blog.

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RT @coolfields: I’m presenting at #Manchester #WordPress User Group next Wednesday evening (17th). My subject is ‘Useful #Accessibility Too…

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RT @rachelmccollin: ‘Hurricane Victoria, they called it.’ But will Jess and Ben Dyer find safety when they’re forced to flee London? Find o…

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RT @adafruit: Naomi Wu on the cover of Make: Magazine @realsexycyborg @make

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@incendiebruyere Perhaps because you are good at what you do? 😊🎤

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